Agenda and Minutes - Feb 15, 2011 1400 UT

Discussion Topics:
  • Summary of IT3 Helpdesk Operations
    • Would it be possible to get a 1-2 page description for the users on how to use the helpdesk that would be linked off the science portal.
      • Remijan investigated this and the documentation and science portal working group are using the "Guide to the ARCs" for a helpdesk description for users. In the "User guides for the ARCs" both in EU and NA, there is a section on how users should access the HD.
    • There needs to be a link off the science portal webpage that will take you to the helpdesk but it is not necessary that you first login. There is so the general public can look at the KB articles without actually registering.
      • Remijan brought this up to the UP working group.
      • There is some concern about non-registered users sending code through the php into the mysql database without first being authenticated. This may be a policy question that needs to be brought up to the SciOps group but the HD working group is in favor of seeing the helpdesk (including the link) off the science portal and looking through the KB articles without first registering.
    • What happens if the UP goes down? What is the contingency and how is it reported by the users?
      • The site is actively monitored for activity and access so if there is a failure, it should be found immediately. However, we will bring that up to the UP group as to their plans for contingency.
    • Maria and Suzanna would like admin privileges. EA admin is still TBD.
    • Next week, we will set up an "admin training". Remijan will coordinate with Ksharp and the other ARCs on the best time for the training.
    • NA will provide EU and EA with a list of each USS and what department they are assigned too for review.
    • There is a training session in EU Mar 7-9. The helpdesk will be used for the training so there needs to be constant access during that time.
    • Still need to set up a time for a f2f meeting between helpdesk managers and admins. This should happen at the end of April to discuss problems, issues, complaints with helpdesk operations after we have gone live.

  • Revisions of entry forms. Please login to the helpdesk through the UP and review the new descriptions, tooltips and entry forms.
    • Tool tips seem to be a bit too long. We will look at the hovering "time out" issue and try to extend that so they don't close too soon.

  • Outstanding tests that need to be done, report on any other issues (e.g. Japanese language file transfer)
    • We need to repeat the workflow for the Japanese language file transfer. EA will issue 2 more tickets. One will go to NA the other to EU. They will be resolved following the workflow outlined in the staff guide.
    • Users can reply to a closed ticket but the USS will not receive a notification. Can we prevent a user from replying to a closed ticket?

  • Update on the Admin guide progress.
    • Received from Kelly on 2/14. Will first review internally in NA before sending out to the other ARCs. It will be available before we have the admin training meeting next week.

  • Effort to publish KB articles before we go live on March 31.
    • The WG decided that this time would better be spent writing the documentation instead of KB articles. As questions come up through the helpdesk, hopefully we will just be able to link to existing documentation through the KB articles.
    • There should also be a stronger distinction between a USS and Triage in the KB article entry page. EU found that most USS were "Publishing" KB articles without being first signed off on. At the very least:
    • Can the KB article entry page have the default set to "Draft"?
      • The best case, if a USS is not authorized to publish a KB article, can the "Publish" option in the dropdown menu be "grayed out".

  • AOB?
    • Kelly will send the link around to the reporting
    • If a user needs to communicate with the PHT, can we assign this ticket to a member of the JAO. We will want a work log of this exchange.
      • Remijan was told that the PHT is meeting this week on how the PHT wants to communicate with the ARCs and users. We should wait for the outcome of this meeting before opening another department or telling users to submit tickets to a particular department.
    • We need a quick "check-list" for USS on what to do when you receive a HD ticket. Will be added to the end of the staff guide.

-- AnthonyRemijan - 2011-01-13
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