Agenda and Minutes - Jan 23, 2013 1200 UT

Discussion Topics:
  • NOTE - email failures for PCR in Chile confirmed to be JAO spam filter, fixed by Maxs Simmond
  • Issue/problems/concerns regarding Kayako 4.0 upgrade (EU)

Issue Discussion Fixed?Sorted descending
Creation of accounts for users that have never logged into the Helpdesk (necessary when a staff wants to create a ticket for them to initiate Phase 2) What is the action here? Do EA and EU know how to do this or is there still a question? Current Status - Fixed. User still needs to click HD link to sync up accounts. Kelly will edit the login share module to add a comment to the user to click on the HD link ASAP. DONE
Password reset for people login into Kayako 4 for first time does not seem to work properly This appears to work fine. Evanthia changed the password for Andy Biggs and Andy can now log in with no problems. DONE
Tickets that are pending go to response overdue (apparently this is also the case for on-hold tickets) Kelly Fixed, should no longer be an issue. EU to test Current Status - Complete. Should work for all future tickets. Some pre-existing tickets remain in an illogical state (ie. Pending/Overdue). Suggest patching DB or manual resetting of status for those tickets, the latter is preferred solution. NOTE - Suggest custom status "Response Overdue" be phased out in favor of built-in v4 "overdue" mechanism - will need testing. DONE
View for staff: whenever the user has initiated the ticket, the user name is displayed as 'Full name' and the staff person who 'owns' the ticket (i.e. the person who the ticket has been assigned to) is displayed as 'Owner'. Can the 'Full name' header be replaced e.g. by 'User', or 'Initiator'? Moreover, in the Phase 2 tickets, the user is never seen because the initiator is the same person as the owner. So could we change this to show the user? Change the name of the column to "User". There is also an "Edit" tab under the administrator setting...see if that tab is useful in changing the User name on the ticket. Current Status - Code edit in progress Only Triage can change the name on the ticket by going to a ticket, selecting the "Edit" tab, and then changing "Full Name". See 3332 as an example. I created it, and updated the full name from Andy Hale to Juergen Ott. Staff can't. DONE
Old links not working (tracked as S7); Staff ticket - that's it. We only fixed the apache redirect for User links. (Need to add this for staff too.) - this was fixed by Kelly on Jan 23. DONE
Notification when KB written/updated COMPLETE! DONE
Format of mails html (put back to txt?) Kelly and Andy will test to see if the URL in the "text" reply is still hyperlinked DONE
'Back' button to the Science Portal (both from KB and Helpdesk) Need to put the breadcrumbs back in the helpdesk user interface so they can navigate back to the science portal. Current Status - DONE. DONE
ALMA colours => see detailed explanation by Felix Tony doesn't see anything wrong with the existing color schema. This may be an old issue that has now been resolved. DONE
ALMA branding => suggestion 1 by Felix Good suggestion...put some type of ALMA branding on the ticket email reply to the user so they know the reply is coming from ALMA. Especially useful in case users use multiple facilities. DONE
Triage session expires too quickly under certain circumstances that we can not reproduce. It seems to be random but there may be a succession of actions that make it time out. Question, what is the duration of the timeout? We believe it is 24 hours. Kelly suggests that this may happen if you have both an user and staff login open in the same browser. When you log out of the user view, it will automatically log you out of the staff view. Evanthia will try to reproduce the problem and let us know how and when it happens. Until then, Im taking this out of things to be fixed. DONE
Hitting "back" only updates the URL but not the screen;one eventually needs to login again ending up with two sessions running, at least according to the list shown at the bottom left. We never managed to figure out how to logout from the second session, which we don't see anyway. This is another but that cannot be reproduced. Setting this out of things to be fixed. DONE
Can we remove all the text that appears in the screen when one replies to a tickets? It contains all the e-mails sent to all the triage people some more stuff, somewhere in the middle there is the actual reply and then it continues with another batch of useless things. Lot of extra text after a reply is posted...Kelly will look into suppressing that text. DONE
Issue of e-mail accounts of users (the old e-mail addresses are still used in addition to the new ones, how can the old ones be removed?) This is tricky. Kelly will look into changing the source code so that it only sends and email to the most recent updated email. Viewing tickets directly maps to the email address so this was put in place so that a person can still view all their tickets even though they may change their email. Current Status - Old tickets no longer visible if email deleted. Suggest code fix defaulting to most recent as in v3. ALERT!
Link to a given ticket is 'lost' when the staff has to login to Kayako (i.e. user is taken to home page of Kayako and not to the requested ticket) (tracked as U6) This may be a Kayako bug. Kelly and Tony will look into that and determine if more custom coding is needed or to submit a bug report to Kayako. Current Status - needs minor code fix. In progress. ALERT!
We tried to use a macro and the macros menu pop-up, then I changed my mind, went to the previous screen but the menu was still in the middle of the screen, hanging from nowhere. Reproducible. In the staff interface on Safari, go to -> New Ticket, Macros, then hit the "Back" button. The macro box will persist and you need to close out of the browser. Andy and Kelly to test on other browsers and submit a bug report to Kayako if needed. Current Status - Bug report submitted to Kayako. Awaiting resolution ALERT!

  • Recent discussions with NAASC staff on updates to Kayako 4.0 (NA)
    • Setting up notifications
    • watching a ticket and workflow for Contact Scientists
      • Did Not Discuss - ran out of time
  • Setting up new departments/staff (EU/EA)
    • Did Not Discuss - ran out of time
  • f2f meeting - still in April? Still in HI? NOTE: Proposal deadline moved to Sept.
    • Email sent asking for input.
  • AOB?
    • Email suggesting a date and time for a followup meeting next week. Everyone to reply.
    • Next Helpdesk WG Telecon - Fri, Feb 1 at 13UT

-- AnthonyRemijan - 2013-01-23

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