Agenda and Minutes - Jan 13, 2011 1400 UT

Discussion Topics:
  • Changes decided here will go into SciOpsIPT change request to be discussed internationally. We will present our suggested changes to the Helpdesk Subsystem Scientist(s) and they will present it to the IPT for consideration. Just need to confirm that point.
  • Instructions for IT3 testers and the Staff Guide posted at: - PLEASE REVIEW.
  • Setting up people and a time to test the transfer of Japanese tickets and the Proposal Submission Emergency Department. The JAO has agreed to set up a 12 block of time to be "on call". We need from the JAO the wiki where we can find the appropriate information.
  • Discussion on if Triage should notify users their ticket has been transferred to another ARC. This is currently in the staff guide but should be discussed.
  • The Helpdesk policy manual that is posted off the main WG wiki. Any edits/comments/suggestions for change on that document.
    • New Policy Issues:
      • TImeframe for closing tickets after setting to "Resolved" - currently 1 week, should be 21 (or 28) days? - Last meeting decided on 14 days.
      • Moderation of KB - "Globally accepted" - should that get incorporated into Policy guide?
      • Any world-wide rules for publishing KB articles. We should draft the text that gets added to the Staffing Guide.
    • ARC Staff guide - major edits taking place. Will have new version by next week for review.
  • AOB?

May not get too...things to think about before next week:
  • Formal Policy for Triage/helpdesk support Staffing
  • Reporting options and displays. - kayako_reports.v2.pdf

-- AnthonyRemijan - 2011-01-13
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