Agenda and Minutes - January 11, 2016, 1400 UT

Time: 1400 UT, January 11.

Skype: I will initiate a Skype voice-only call. If I do not have your Skype account email, please send it to me. My account can be found under jcrossle at nrao dot edu.

Attendance: Anand, Sarah, Chris, Evanthia, Misato

Agenda / Minutes

Action items from previous meeting

  • ACTION (Rein): Confirm that KB notifications are now being received by Rein. Chris sent email log on Dec 15.
    • Evanthia will remind Rein about this.
  • DONE ACTION (Anand):Create a SCIREQ ticket to provide users who are unable to login with some means of contacting us. SCIREQ-572
  • ACTION (Anand): Users have requested the ability to reply to HD tickets by email. Anand will talk with NRAO IT staff about this possibility.
  • ACTION (Anand): Ask Tony R. whether or not cycle assignments spreadsheet should be updated.
    • Are users changing ARCs the only concern here? We need to know what bookkeeping is needed to keep track of CS and QA2 changes.


  • Failover test (Anand)
    • We performed an exercise on Jan 5 to test the HD software when running in failover mode. A number of procedural problems were identified and corrected. NA IT and web dev staff will be updating scripts to speed up the failover process. Duration of downtime will be constrained by DNS changes which take 30 minutes unless advanced planning is allowed.
    • Next step: A full, multi-day test of failover mode. This will allow time for each ARC to use the HD and confirm functionality. Preferred dates? No preference was expressed, other than avoiding dates between the CfP and deadline.
  • SCIREQ tickets sorted by priority
    • Most effort from NA this month went toward failover testing (see below)
    • We discussed SCIREQ-235 concerning automatically creating tickets when users change ARCs. Work on this is well underway, being led by Mauizio Chavan and documented in ICT-5204.
  • Feb F2F meeting Feb 8-10 (Anand)
    • Logistics
      • Meeting room at ESO reserved.
      • Meeting times: 9 - noon and 1 - 5 M,T,W
      • Attendees:
        • NA - Anand, Sarah, Chris
        • EU - Evanthia, Rein
        • EA - Misato
    • Proposed agenda items:
      • Cycle 4 CfP preparation
      • Knowledgebase Articles
        • Review user ratings and plan action. SCIREQ-556
        • Preparation for Cycle 4 CfP
        • Old Cycle 0/1/2 KB categories and articles. SCIREQ-478
      • Notification emails
      • Staff guide update SCIREQ-495
      • Review and discuss each SCIREQ ticket in detail.
        • Update status, priority, etc. as needed.
      • Others?
  • SnooPI -- Is anything additional needed from HDWG? Not at this time.

Next meeting

  • Feb 8-10 F2F

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