NAASC Meeting for November 17, 2010

Note: for this month only, the meeting is in the auditorium

All participants should dial the hub:


CV-AUD, TUC-N525 (Brian/his office in Soc) (Also JAO-Alsacia IP#: JAO-OSF (Science) IP#: NRC (Canada) IP#: and IP#: Dial-in: 434-296-7082 (or 888-656-2847)


  • News & Information
  • Main Topics (Carol & John H) - 25 minutes
    • Results of the policy workshop (including Mark Rawlings notes) posted to At the bottom of that is a list of a number of "working groups" that we will convene to work out the actual rules for various activities. We should discuss if more NAASC staff should be involved in these, and if so who in which ones. I repeat the working groups here (leaders in bold; NA participants in red) [updated JH 11/22/2010]:
    • Proposal Review Panel/Phase I Submission W.G.
      • Lars Nyman, PHT Lead, Mark Rawlings, Ruediger Kneissl, J. Hibbard, Al Wootten, C. Lonsdale, Maria Diaz Trigo, Sachiko Okumura, maybe also Suzanna Randall
      • DSO wiki:
      • Task: finalize PRP implementation plan (document by Lars)
      • Goal: finished document by end of January 2011
    • Technical Assessment W.G.
      • Ruediger Kneissl, Lars Nyman, PHT Lead, Mark Rawlings, BVV, H. Liszt, T. Hunter, Aya Higuchi, Masao Saito, Eelco van Kampen, Martin Zwaan (TBC)
      • DSO wiki:
      • Task: define guidelines for Technical Assessors
      • Goal: Technical Assessment Guidelines by January 2011
    • Phase II W.G.
      • Mark Rawlings, BVV, Lars Nyman, J. Hibbard, C. Brogan, Sachiko Okumura, someone from Europe
      • DSO wiki:
      • Task: rules for allowed changes from Phase I to Phase II; definition of Change Request Board
      • Goal: finished document by end of January 2011
    • Archive Policies W.G.
      • Mark Lacy, Felix Stoehr, Stephane Leon, Saito-san, BVV, L. Nyman, etc.
      • Task: finalize document from ASA group; need to define what a ObsUnitSet should be (will need to be implemented in OT phaseII)
      • Goal: finished document by end of January 2011
    • Helpdesk W.G.
      • Tony Remijan, J. Hibbard, Suzanna Randall, Maria Diaz Trigo, Sachiko Okumura, Kazuya Saigo
      • Task: define international helpdesk service rules
      • Goal: draft rules by start of IT3 (Dec 20, 2010)
    • SciWeb/User Portal/User Documentation W.G.
      • Tommy Wiklind (TBC), Stephane Leon (TBC), ..., Aaron Evans, Jim Braatz, J. Hibbard, ....
      • Task: deploy UP and JAO Science Web; "Official" user documentation (template, submission & approval process, posting, mirroring)
      • Goal: Deploy by end Dec 2010
  • Highlights from Groups & Teams ~5 minutes each
    • Science & CSV (Al and current CSV Liaison)
    • Science Communications (Mark Adams)
    • EPO (John Stoke)
    • NRC (Gerald)
    • User Support Group (Crystal)
      • TTT & lessons learned
    • Data Services Group & Computing (Mark L / David H)
    • JAO Support Group (John H)
  • AOB

-- CarolLonsdale - 2010-11-16
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