NAASC Administrative Support & Assignments

Jennifer Neighbours

email: jneighbo

Rm 223


0.20 FTE

New Admin (TBD)

email: tbd

Rm xxx


1.0 FTE

Billie Orahood

email: borahood

Rm 351


0.25 FTE

Task Description Jennifer New Admin Billie
Arrange General NAASC Work Meetings
Check room/video availability across multiple sites; reserve as needed; issue notifications as needed; make sure IT equipment works & proper connection info is sent out
NAASC Visitors
Initial contact after requested visit, oversight of visit (email communications, travel info, add to NRAO calendar, reserve office space, issue visitor bldg key, computing needs), and provide assist for their work w/ NAASC host and staff if needed. Applies to both short- & long-term visitors
Primary (division rep)
Backup, and SAA aspects
NAASC New Hires
Contact after acceptance (email division introduction, confirm arrival, add to NRAO calendar, send response to Bus Srvs, Comp Div and Orahood). Introduce employee to HR on hire date and then to NAASC staff and admin personnel. Work with Billie (see below)
Primary (division rep)
NAASC New Hires
Work with Shanika (see above) and w/ local divisions to ensure readiness for arrival (work w/ OBS on office space and furniture, and w/ Comp Div on computer needs and set up (obtain acct # from NAASC head) and ensure visa issues resolved and HR prepared for arrival w/ orientation setup. Arrange scientific staff host if scientific hire.
Travel by NAASC Staff and Non-Employees supported by NAASC
(Excluding CLonsdale, JHibbard, AWootten). Ensure travel forms on file; provide assistance for travel to Chile (which began in earnest this year). Establish and maintain a good working relationship with the Office of Chilean Affairs (where Mauricio & Eduardo are) and keep up-to-date the Chilean Duty Travel FAQ (Tony Remijan is writing). Process expense vouchers upon return (signatures, forward to fiscal, possibly SAA). Processing of TA's & TEVs for non-employee travel.
Maintain NAASC Calendar(s)
Will probably be done through google calendar. See
Mailing List support
Maintain membership; deal with spam/requests, etc. Supported lists are given at this link
Arrange f2f Meetings
Assist chair w/ meeting set up; make logistical arrangements (reserve hotel blocks, assist with travel, arrange local transport, book meeting space); arrange meals and breaks; assist in preparation of materials, etc. (Depending on scope, some of this may be in concert with L. Clark). Expected meetings: ANASAC f2f 1 per yr (~15-20 participants); SciOpsIPT f2f ~1 per yr (~8-10 participants)
Science Workshop support
Work with Laurie Clark on logistics (infrequent ly.) ~1 every 15 mo
Tutorials/Schools support
Assist chair w/ meeting set up, make logistical arrangements (reserve hotel blocks, assist with travel, arrange local transport, book meeting space); arrange meals and breaks; prepare materials, invite/secure speakers, arrange registration and payment set-up; ensure proper travel forms on file and process expense forms upon receipt.
Proposal Review support
Assist with "Call for Proposals," organize review panel membership, assist Chair w/ meeting set up, make logistical arrangements (reserve hotel blocks, assist with travel, arrange local transport, book meeting space); arrange meals and breaks; oversee preparation of materials. (NAm share). First PRC meetings will be in 2011, then 2 per yr but all may not be in CV.
if needed
Attend Monthly CV-Coord Meetings
Attend Weekly & Monthly NAASC Organizational Meetings
Provide info as needed and take actions on behalf of admin support staff
Hiring/Search Committee support
Ensure adverts posted correctly; monitor incoming apps and materials, assist Chair as requested and issue instructions for access to HR app system to Selection Committee; assist w/ interview process and ensure completed (regarding travel forms, etc.); ensure review process has been completed and confirm relevant details and results provided to appropriate ADs and/or divisions (OSAA, Dir Office, HR, etc.) ; work with HR on hiring task if necessary; work on "announcement" if necessary
General admin support for CLonsdale, JHibbard, AWootten
NAASC NSF Proposal
Assist in proposal preparation and submission

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