ASAC 7 Jan 2009

Johnson, Hills, Blain, Hogerheijde, Afonso, Morita, Kohno, Bally, Johnstone, Baker, Aalto, Wootten, Gueth, Nagar,

New members. Baker and Kuno. Baker will be able to attend the f2f. Current ASAC membership list. Please check the list for any discrepancies.

Travel details. Hills: several changes of assi astants, none until Monday so we have fallen behind. We think we nearly have it all straight. By the end of today I hope we will have it straight.

Project updates. Only 2.5 weeks including Christmas and New Year. Not a lot has happened; the first antenna was accepted. There were provisonal issues, principal one the thermal deformation though there is a plan to fix that, first on the other three then after the summer on the one which was accepted--this is a matter of thermal insulation. We do have a second receiver up and running, and another holography receiver. The plan is to move Melco from the Melco area over to the OSF tomorrow. Much equipment is installed there. First item is to set the surface. There is a web page which shows day by day exactly what will occur at the site.

Science contingent in SCL has increased. Several people began on the first of Jan. Some in commissioning team, some on operations team. Dent has been in place. Barkats arrived. Hills says the whole science team probably cannot be transported to the ASAC meeting though it would be good to have a get together on Friday. Those who are in SCL on Friday morning should join us in the office. Perhaps lunch together would be a good idea.

Are there any new Board charges? Blain had no information or communication.

Hills: The two continuing charges are in effect, also it would be good to discuss the proposed milestones.

Blain: Then we will discuss what we talked about in Cville along with this new schedule item. We should be proactive in discussing things which may not be formal charges also Will we need to cover anything else?

Hills: I'd like to talk through what the plans are. Arrive on 27th, go to SP that afternoon, informal discussions at dinner that nite. Go from the hotel to the OSF the hosteria on a bus. 8am departure should allow a 9am begin at the OSF, project report, detaila of the plans and program, followed by discussion of milestones by first coffee break. Then tackle the software presentation, Brogan will lead this discussion, mostly casa. Also the regional center charge should be covered on that first day. Blain: yes we have feed up from the regional committees to discuss also. Hills so we need to get a visit in on the first day also. This is the effective cloudy season so it isn't too hot and unbearable at the site. We cant go up there straight away. I prefer afternoon Weds though we could do this the second morning. Blain suggests a quick tour of the osf first thing. Baker: proposal review process. All regional SACs have discussed the proposed implementation plan. Then the ops group discusses, then Nyman may say something, then Board gets it in March, then issues a formal ASAC charge. Blain: We may want to discuss any regional issues during the ARC discussion. Hills: Is there discussion in Chile. Neal: There is an annual meeting SOCHIAS 14-16 Jan. I hope some discussion will be occurring there which I can report at the ASAC. This issue only grows more sensitive among our community.

Discussion of proposed 2009 meeting schedule.

-- AlWootten - 07 Jan 2009
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