ASAC Telecon minutes by JSR

Wed 14 December 2005, 2100 UT

Present: at least

Chris Carilli Ryohei Kawabe Chris Wilson Al Wootten Jean Turner Yamada-san Pepe Cernicharo Lee Mundy John Richer Tom Wilson Yamamoto-sa Leonardo Testi Darrel Emerson Peter Schilke

Project News

MT and TB were not on line, so Al Wootten presented project news from his hotel in Chile.

- The main item is that the ESO antenna contract has been signed, with press releases from ESO and Alcatel available on the web. The latter discloses the contract value as 147 million Euros for the 25 antennas.

- On Jan 30th 2006 there will be a delta cost review to assess impact of the two antenna designs at the IPT level.

- Article 19 of bilateral agreement calls for reviews of the Executives' activities every three years. NSF will review NRAO ALMA activities immediately after the delta cost review panel meeting.

- Local staff in Chile: the hiring policy still being worked on. A meeting of a Board working group is scheduled for early January to make progress on this important issue.

- The ALMA LO system is now being tested in the lab; plan for ATF tests in early/mid 2006.

- Optical pointing tests with new software environment will be starting at the ATF in February. ALMA test interferometer then to be assembled over the spring/summer.

News from Japan

Kawabe-san reported on a science workshop with China last week; they are discussing how to collaborate with China. This week, they are attending an ALMA Japan-Taiwan workshop in Taipei.

Face-to-Face meeting and Charges

Chris Wilson stated that the face-to-face meeting has been approved for 28 and 29 January in Los Angeles by the Board. There are 3 charges, not formally approved, but very close! Revised version circulating for comment today, so we should receive tomorrow. Charges 1 and 2 are unchanged from the draft; Charge 3 is under slight revision.

Charge 1 on Software: extensive reading lists have been prepared by Chris, including detailed design and planning documents. These latter ones perhaps include too much detail for most. ASAC asked Computing IPT management who should present, and they suggested Brian Glendenning and Debra Shepherd as they are geographically close and in touch with the issues. Plan to have Software on day 1 to allow Brian G to get to Washington. Chris W will create a tarball of documents for easy download.

Charge 2 on the ACA: again, Chris W has put together an extensive list of background documents on ACA. Again, a tarball of documents will be created, with the most important ones prioritised. Talks from the ACA PDR are of particular relevance. Key science issues are the calibration of ACA data; the use of the combined array (ACA plus baseline antennas); and ACA software. Who will present ACA to ASAC? Kawabe-san will help decide this. Calibration by Balthazar and Kawabe; three or so talks are likely to be presented. Tatematsu leads ALMA-J computing - he could perhaps come to ASAC if it were felt appropriate. We need to ask Brian Glendenning for his opinion and whether he will cover ACA software in his talk. Leonardo Testi pointed out that the Observing Tool simulator includes ACA explicitly anyway.

Charge 3: imaging with ALMA. Focus now is on what new simulations need to be done by the science IPT, rather than what has been done to date. Al will summarise recent simulations and Science IPT notes from the telecons.


Liaison with regional SACs: ANASAC, ESAC and perhaps J-SAC will meet before the the LA meeting. It was decided that it was up to the common members of the ASAC and the regional SACs to communicate the ASAC charges and relevant reading material to the regional SACs.

Logistics for LA meeting. Jean Turner is working on this, and will let us know when she has found somewhere to stay. It should be close to LAX, accessible by shuttle van. Will aim to end meeting by about 1500 on Sunday 29th to allow people to catch European-bound evening flights.

Science IPT report: Science Requirements document being revised and soon to be sent to the JAO. Awaiting confirmation of the revised small array configuration from John Conway.

Tom W has been working on EU ARC organisation. The position of Manager of EU ARC will be re-advertised in January.

Al Wootten noted that the post of Head of NAASC is being advertised currently.

ANASAC: no telecon since last time says Chris C. AAS Town Hall meeting in January on ALMA. Joint US/Canadian meeting later in the year at CASCA.

Al W asks for members to let him know about any upcoming ALMA talks at forthcoming meetings.

Pepe Cernicharo: global ALMA meeting in Madrid is being activley planned. The SOC is working on preliminary programme. 7-9 sessions planned. Publicity needs more work.

Next meeting: Jan 4th at 2100 UT.

-- AlWootten - 11 Jan 2006
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