ASAC Telecon 6th Sep 2006, 1430 UT

Emerson, Vila-Vilaro, Beasley, Wootten, Turner, T Wilson, Laing, Richer, Testi, Schilke and Cernicharo. + others?

Al confused the time on the ESAC schedule, which was CET, with UT so the meeting began earlier than advertised.

Apologies from Bally, C Wilson and Blain. =

Tony Beasley gave a rapid project update, some highlights included: =

- Integration of Japan into the project is ongoing. =

- Bicentenario option for Santiago office is still being examined, but it will cost 100kEuro to keep the option open for much longer. We don't want to spend this unless there is a reasonable chance it will get ESO approval.

- OSF construction contract now signed, significantly later than had been hoped. The 18 month build has begun. Vertex SEF to start in September, nearly the size of the OSF itself. First Vertex antenna will be constructed on the holo test pad.

- 500 people expected to be working at the OSF site soon - enlarging polyclinic to cope.

- Communications: a microwave link up to Cerro Chico, then IR laser to the AOS TB, provides an interim solution to linking the OSF and the AOS. 10 Mbits/s. The final link will be fibre on poles.

- Power supply: the letter asking for utility companies to consider grid power supply is being sent now. Expect meeting with companies over the coming months to see how feasible and costly this is. =

- M3 have designed several possible roads layouts. Mark Holdaway is starting Y+ configuration design based on road plans.

- FE: 1st available in March 07, next in August 07. Where to send them - ATF or OSF? No clear resolution of this issue yet, depends on how integration tests roll out at ATF. Likely to be the ATF under current assumptions. =

- Software: new progress reports will soon be available

- SE is ongoing. AIV temp building under construction, outfitting to be finished March 07. Science IPT focus moving towards commissioning, a construction activity which is of concern to your PM. We need targeted responses to needs. Staffing profile will be hard to establish.

- Vertex P2DR approaching. Alcatel equivalent in December, also final DR for transporter. Some CREs have gone thru. Also one piece subreflector change adopted.

- BE proceeds with lots of testing at PSI. Slow work. Move to ATF is delayed but the discoveries are best attacked at the AOC. First quadrant correlator is done but its move to Chile needs to be accelerated. =

Tony reminded us that he is unable to make the Florence meeting.

Upcoming ASAC meeting

Richer briefly reminded the ASAC of the charges to be considered in Florence. As well as the three formal charges from the Board, we will have some discussion of two other issues: Time Allocation, and operations and ARCs. In this context, it was emphasised that the new baseline in the operations plan, namely a single TAC/PRC, means single process and assessment for all proposals. Frequency of TAC/PRC meetings is a separate issue for discussion.

Richer will assign reading assignments for Charge 1 by email.

Meeting logistics. There will be no formal dinner on the Friday night, but it was suggested people gather in the hotel foyer of the Annalena (possibly, separately in the Boboli as well?) at around 8pm to meet up.


-- AlWootten - 11 Sep 2006
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