ASAC Telecon Meeting 4 October 2006

Yamamoto, Emerson, Wootten, Richer, Beasley, Wilson, Kohno, Testi, Laing, Turner,

Richer: Draft ASAC report not yet circulated but it is being massaged into shape.

Beasley: MIPT--SCO offices to be in new building beside ESO, mainly on financial issues. AIV hires have begun, some to train at ATF. CSV/Ops plan proceeding. OSF construction and AOS completion under way. Camps of ALMA camp and contractor camp are higher than in environmental impact staTEMENT or in plan; this is being addressed. EIS will need revision. Holdaway working on high site layout, M3 has road layout. Site meeting at end of month. Antenna: VxPPDR. Final before first antenna production. Went well, some issues arose some of which needed to be addressed urgently some not. The antenna arrival is now projected for beginning of acceptance early June, no change in second antenna. This will be analyzed in coming weeks. Melco antenna to be reviewed later in year. Transporter final review in six weeks. AEM antenna review in December. FrontEnd: Big hurdle is contracts in Europe. Extraordinary finance committee meeting in two weeks time. WVRs to remain for a while at SMA. BackEnd: Testing in AOC continues, some redesign. Move to ATF under week-to-week review awaiting resolution of some BE and some AEC issues. First draft of Array wide subarraying and crosscorrelation change request has appeared. Two technical change requests to facilitate this will come through, estimate $800K. We will go to the Board with new scope and will need support of ASAC and Sci IPT. Richer: WVR tests in Hawaii will be extended a few months. Correlator--prototype to be moved soon to ATF. Computing--next release coming soon. New reporting seems to be working well. May send report to ASAC for interest and feedback. SEI: ATF activity under way, AIV hiring under way. Decision soon to be discussed next week--given schedules for antenna and cal devices and front ends do we want the first few FEs to ATF or to OSF. Since antenna has slipped slightly the first two probably go to ATF. All see the value in doing this but more discussion will go on.

JSR: JAO PS position still being advertised. Welcome Robert Laing, now european project scientist as Wilson becomes Deputy DG of ESO.

Report--so far it is missing calibration report and operations section. LT: has been trying to contact Lee, who is writing first draft. CWilson: Call him if you need him. +1 301 405 1529. Kohno: Cal report has not yet converged but will soon. CWilson: Send notes on Cal to Mangum on individual reviews.

Sci: There will be af2f meeting of the Sci IPT leadership in Garching next week. Commissioning plans will be a focus of the meeting. Holdaway has been able to achieve performance of the extended configuration very similar to that of the previous design--presently it produces a 15 mas beam at 300 GHz, for instance, compared to 14 mas before, with similar sidelobe preformance. The plan will meet the site at the end of the month when the locations proposed will be investigated. A new memo detailing correlator modes is available. It is deadline time for DRSP 2; please get in revisions. There is a report from the ALMA-J science team linked to the agenda.

ANASAC, CW: Charges from Lo on funding, NAASC items were discussed at f2f meeting last week. DTE: one TAC vs many TACs to be reviewed in NA community. CW: We will review our position on this. JSR: There is a paragraph on this for the report. No ESAC news. EASAC--f2f meeting on PRC during ASJ meeting. Still under discussion but still a preference for multiple PRCs.

Time--Next meeting on 1 November, 1430 UT. There seemed no great need to change the time as daylight time ends for portions of the northern hemisphere.

-- AlWootten - 04 Oct 2006
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