ALMA Science Advisory Committee Meeting 1-2 October 2005, Santiago, Chile

Draft face-to-face agenda Sep 23, 2005

ASAC Meeting, 2005-October-1-2, Chile

Santiago, Chile


The Committee
CHARGE from the ALMA Board
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1 October 2005

9:00 am 1. Organization and IPT liaisons (Closed session) (Testi, C. Wilson)

9:15 am 2. Project status report, rebaselining and antenna status (Tarenghi, Beasley)

10:00 am Discussion

10:30 am Break

Video connection to Emerson in Tucson.  Others?

10:45 am 3. Charge 1. 1. The Board's most urgent need is for ASAC to review critically the materials on rebaselining being prepared by the JAO and comment upon the impact of the proposed options on the scientific capabilities of ALMA. (Testi)

11:15 am Discussion (link to secure area of almaedm)
First Letter's Text

Second Letter's Text
12:30 pm Lunch

13:30 pm 4.  Charge 3  ASAC is invited to continue its considerations of this September, 2004 charge, which may be combined with the continued development of ideas for implementing demonstration science elaborated at the same meeting: Following thorough assessment of the pros and cons of policies in use at existing ground- and space-based facilities, including those currently operated by the ALMA Executives, ASAC is invited to consider policy recommendations on:
     a. how to facilitate joint projects between scientists of different partners,
    b. how to handle large proposals with significant scientific duplication, and
    c. whether provision needs to be made at this time for legacy projects and, if so, what mechanisms should be used for such projects.
These complex, often-contentious issues should be addressed in the spirit of demonstrating how ASAC believes their recommendations, if adopted, would maximize ALMA’s scientific impact.

14:30 pm Discussion (link to secure area of almaedm)

Blain's Text

15:00 pm Break

15:30 pm Disussion continues

17:00 pm 4. Science IPT Review (Wootten, Wilson, Kawabe)
           - New Configuration
        Outreach (Project Scientists)

        - ALMA/NA Town Meeting at AAS; ANASAC (Carilli)

        - ESAC Meeting Report (van Dishoeck)

        - EU ARC (Wilson) 

        - NA ARC (Wootten)

        - JP ARC (Kawabe)
        - ALMA science meeting (2006)  (Cernicharo)  
Reading materials:


18:00 pm Break for Dinner

2 October 2005

9:00 am  5. Report from Japan (Kawabe)            
            - ALMA Progress in Japan
            - ACA 
Reading materials:
  ACA Project Book

10:30 am  6. Charge 4: Following from your Sept. 2004 discussions, the ASAC is invited to continue developing proposed "demonstration science" guidelines or policies. The ultimate goals include:
    a. providing a proposed framework (rationale, principles) that establish the value to the astronomical community of accomplishing demonstration science as you envision it during the early operations era; and
    b. facilitating evaluation of the concept, its proposed timeline and the planning for its implementation during a period when demand for ALMA construction and operational resources will likely be high.

  10:45 am Discussion (link to secure area of almaedm)

Wilson's Text

11:00 am Break

11:15 am  7. Charge 2.  Please review the revised Science Requirements Document and make recommendations concerning its adoption by the Board.
Reading Materials:
Science - Specifications and Requirements <img src="1pix.gif" alt="Skip to reply button for entry 16." border="0"> Text
Report--System Requirements Review (Other documents in this folder may be of some interest also)

11:30 am  Discussion
12:00 pm Discussion all items

13:00 pm Lunch

14:00 pm   Drafting of report (Closed Session)

14:30 pm Discussion

15:15pm   Presentation of Findings (All)


15:45 pm Adjourn

Reference Reading Materials:
ALMA Project Plan V2.0
ALMA Bilateral Agreement

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