ALMA Science Advisory Committee Meeting 16-17 September 2006, Firenze, Italy

Draft face-to-face agenda Sept 15, 2006

ASAC Meeting, 2006-September-16-17, Firenze

Convitto della Calza

Convitto della Calza ASAC meets in Convito della Calza 23 Feb 2001


The Committee
CHARGE from the ALMA Board
Discussion Wiki

15 September 2006

Meet for dinner lobby of Annalena if interested 7:30-8:00 pm.

16 September 2006

Map of relative locations of Hotels and Convent
8:45 am Organization and IPT liaisons (Closed session) (Richer, Mundy)

9:00 am 1. Project status reports

Director's Report: Massimo Tarenghi

9:30 am Project Managers Report: Hans Rykaczewski

10:00 am Discussion

10:30 am Break

10:45 am 2. Charge 1. Review the revised Commissioning and Science Verification Plan for ALMA (Laing)

11:30 am Discussion

12:30 pm Lunch

13:30 pm 3. Charge 2. Review the revised Calibration Plan for ALMA (Mangum, Lucas, Vila Vilaro)

14:50 pm Discussion

15:30 pm Break

16:00 pm Raffi

  • Summary of the status of science software development in the project.

17:00 pm 4. Science and Operations Review(Wootten, Wilson, Kawabe; Project Scientists)

        - Operations (Tarenghi, Hibbard)

           - Presentation

        - JP ARC (Kawabe)

        - NA ARC (Hibbard)

        - EU ARC (Andreani) 


18:00 pm Break for Dinner

17 September 2006

08:45 am Closed Session (if needed)

9:00 am 5. Charge 3 Review the existing work on developing complete descriptions of the ALMA observing modes (e.g. software, hardware etc.) and make recommendations as to their relative priority (Wootten, Raffi, Lucas)

10:30 am Break

10:45 am

        - ALMA PRC/TAC (Project Scientists)

           -JSAC View

           -ASAC View April 2002

        - JSAC Meeting Report (Yamamoto)

        - ANASAC (Mundy)

        - ESAC Meeting Report (Testi)

        - ALMA science meeting(2006)  (Cernicharo)  

12:30 pm Lunch

13:30 pm 6. Drafting of report (Closed Session)

15:00 pm Presentation of Findings (All)

15:30 pm Adjourn

16:00 pm Corridoio visit

  • The tour will start at 16:00 in Piazza Pitti (we will walk there from the conf center (10-15 min). We will be guided through the corridor from palazzo Pitti over the old bridge and into the Uffizi through the corridor. Each one of us will be free to spend time inside the Uffizi. On top of the permanent collection there is a special exhibition on Leonardo da Vinci. As I mentioned before the total (guided tour at the corridoio plus Uffizi)
cost should be in the range 35-45 euro/person, depending on the final number of people. - Leonardo

1) Attendees expected

EU: Aalto Richer (chair) Schilke(unable to attend) Testi Cernicharo
NA: Blain Wilson Bally Mundy (vice chair) Turner
J: Yamamoto Yamada Fukui
Chile: Mardones
JAO: Tarenghi
Executives: Russell Hasegawa - possible
PS: Wootten Wilson Kawabe
IS: Laing Emerson Vilar-Vilaro
ARC: Andreani Hibbard
SSR: Lucas
Board guests: Puxley, Schreier
Others: Mangum Raffi

Convitto della Calza ASAC Locations


Convitto della Calza ASAC Saturday Locations


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