2005 Mar 15 ASAC telecon

Present: Testi, van Dishoeck, Turner, Yamamoto, C. Wilson, T. Wilson, R. Laing, D. Emerson, Cox, Mundy, Richer, Schilke, Carilli,

Minutes from February are late, they will be forwarded.

Project Report: TB and MT could not attend the telecon, AW gave a short report: there are not news (that we can hear) from the technical meeting on antennas. Tests are still undergoing at the ATF, in particular long fas-switching sessions are ongoing since several days. EvD: It is important to finalise the report as soon as possible, to place an antenna contract, the ESO Finance Committe need to see the report at their face to face meeting in Garching in May. They need documents several weeks in advance. AW: the plan is to have the report ready for the Board in early April, this will be early enough for the ESO Finance Committee.

Most of this telecon was dedicated to a detailed discussion of the draft ASAC report the final version was due on March 22. (all comments are now incorporated in the final version of the report and will not be repeated here).

AW: Sci IPT is looking at the redesign of the array configurations (pads locations and number) for an array with 50 operating antennas, this is done keeping in mind the possibility of scaling back the array to 60-64.

BVV: AIVC group will have a final plan by end of month then merge with main plan. ACA configuration in final stages.

EvD: ESAC nothing to report, report from the F2F meeting in Feb is in preparation. Will focus on Euro issues: mainly the ARC organization and the ESO-EC proposal. For the Board Charges, we will forward to the EAB (and ESAC) the ASAC report (which includes as inputs the discussions in the ESAC. AW: ANASAC next f2f will be in Cambridge in June. CC: ALMA meeting 13-16 Nov 2006. SAC makeup agreed, LOC agreed, Martin-Pintado is chair. The LOC will take over organization. ASAC still needs to send formal letter.

Next telecon is agreed to be scheduled after the ALMA Board and bilateral meetings. 19 April is agreed as date for the next telecon, time as usual.

Afterward: Chris Wilson becomes new ASAC vice chair.

-- AlWootten - 07 Apr 2005
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