• See attached pdf document for words from ALMA Operations Plan (version D) describing turno and the ARCs role in CSV/AoD.
  • See attached ppt document for a power point presentation that is useful for figuring out your start/stop dates for a given turno cadence.

Words for ARC Implementation Plan

Approved at Sept 17 2008 face-to-face meeting of SciOpsIPT. Bullets 1 & 10 updated & approved 11/13/08. Item 11 added after Jan f2f meeting and modified May09. Items 11 & 12 added May 2009 and approved at June 3 2009 f2f meeting. Adopted for document "ALMA Science Operations: DSO & ARC Coordinated Activities", vers. A2, 9/9/2009 (see Ch7.1 of https://safe.nrao.edu/wiki/pub/ALMA/NAASC/DSO-ARCimplementation_A2.pdf)

"Following the discussion in Sections Sec 3.6.2 & Sec 11.2.2 of the ALMA Operations Plan version D (AOPvD), the following guidelines will be followed for ARC staff supporting CSV. These are guidelines rather than requirements, although exceptions should not be made lightly, and no bias should persist between the ARCs.

1) During the time before the start of Early Science, each ARC will provide support to CSV in Chile. NA & EU will provide 12 person-months per year, while EA will provide 8 person-months. The support time includes time spent at the SCO or OSF participating in CSV activities, as well as traveling, and turno off days.

2) Each ARC will designate certain staff as “CSV liaisons” throughout the CSV phase. NA & EU will designate two staff each, while EA will designate at least one but no more than two. These staff will provide the bulk of ARC support to CSV, with a requirement to spend 30-50% of their time supporting CSV (either at the SCO or OSF, including travel and turno off days). The first of these staff must be in post by the start of the CSV phase.

3) Each CSV Liaison will spend at least one continuous 3-mo (or longer) period per year in support of CSV (either at the SCO or OSF, including travel and turno off days).

4) Additional ARC staff beyond the “CSV liaisons” may be used to meet the ARC CSV support requirements, but these must impose no additional training burden on CSV staff. That is, they must overlap their trips to be trained by other ARC staff in Chile. The overlap time does not count towards the 12- or 8-person-months of support.

5) ARC staff staying in Chile for at least 3 months during CSV may elect to do 8+20 turno (8 days at OSF, 6 days off, 2 work-weeks at SCO).

6) ARC staff doing CSV tours less than 3 months will do a series of 8-day turnos staying and working at the OSF, separated by at least one off day spent outside of the OSF.

7) The minimum tour for ARC staff in Chile during CSV is two eight-day shifts at the OSF.

8) Each ARC staff traveling to Chile will spend at least some time in SCO before and/or after their OSF trips to interact with the DSO staff.

9) While in Chile, ARC scientists receive their work assignments from the Project Scientist or Deputy Project Scientist, or their designees.

10) Time spent by ARC staff in Chile in support of CSV may include some science activities, as long as these do not preclude the satisfactory performance of CSV duties (as judged by the Project Scientist or Deputy Project Scientist). If ARC staff wish to spend time in Chile exclusively on science, this time will not count towards the commitment to CSV support specified under item (1).

11) ARC Managers will coordinate the participation of their support staff in CSV activities using the following guidelines:
  • Approximately 5 months before a planned trip, ARC managers will send the names and approximate dates of the proposed support staff to the JAO Deputy Project Scientist (DPS). This should include a range of acceptable dates and any other travel considerations as well as the desired turno cadence (e.g., 8+2+8, meaning 8 days at the OSF, 2 days off, 8 more days at the OSF) . For the non-CSV Liaison staffs, the dates should allow for overlap with other ARC staff for training purposes. CSV should try to accommodate the desired turno cadence, although the exact schedule may differ by a few days (e.g. 8+4+8 instead of 8+2+8)
  • Approximately 3 months before a planned trip, the DPS will confirm the dates when the ARC staff should ready to report for CSV support duty in Chile. This information will be communicated to both the support staff and the relevant ARC Manager.
  • Approximately 6 weeks before a planned trip, the DPS will post the schedule for staff participating in CSV support at the OSF on a shared calendar, and notify the support staff.
  • The ARC CSV support staff will report to the CSV offices in Santiago on the day they are first scheduled. They must have fulfilled any and all work prerequisites (high altitude physicals, international drivers license, offsite training). There they will receive a package about their OSF trip. They should bring their own laptops.
  • ARC CSV support staff are required to make their own travel & lodging arrangements to and from Santiago. CSV will arrange all transport between Santiago and the OSF, and lodging at the OSF.

12) Participation in CSV support by personnel affiliated with but not in the regional ARCs (e.g. EU ARC nodes; Canada; Taiwan) will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the relevant ARC Manager and Deputy Project Scientist

According to Section 3.6.2 of the AOPvD, CSV begins at the start of 3-element interferometry at the AOS (2009Q2 in AOPvD). After the start of Early Science (2010Q4 in AOPvD), ARC staff will provide support according to the guidelines specified in Section 7.3.1 of the AOP for “Astronomer On Duty”. "

-- JohnHibbard - 2009-07-13
  • pictorial representation of possible turno cadences:

  • pictorial representation of 12-mo ARC support of CSV:
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