Transient issues with ALMA hardware, as identified in early science data

This wiki is to list known issues with ALMA data that are not yet taken care of by the script generator and/or pipeline, so data reducers should check whether their data are affected by them:

  • DV06, DA45, and DA53 have recently had long term telescope issues, and may need to be flagged in their entirety (diagnostic?)
    • Time period:
    • Description:
    • Diagnostic:
    • Manual or Pipeline: Both (although often other diagnostics end up flagging these antennas in their entirety)
    • Solution:
      • Manual: Flag these antennas in mystep = 10
      • Pipeline: Flag these antennas & have DAs re-run pipeline.

  • PRTSIR-3261: DA59 WVR is noisy (filed 7/30/2014)
    • Time period: from at least July 2014 until Feb 2015 (WVR replaced March 2015).
    • Description: If DA59 WVR is noisy, one is probably better off by interpolating the wvr from nearby antennas.
    • Diagnostic: compare the blue (before) and green (after) plots in the "wvr_plot.png" file in the qa2 directory, and also by looking at the tables at the end of the uid*.ms.wvrgcal file in the calibration directory. You will see that DA59 looks phase variations are worse after WVR applied
    • Manual or Pipeline: We think Manual only, b/c PL has heuristics to interpolate noisy WVRs. But should confirm.
    • Solution: Add the line "wvrflag=['DA59']." to the wvrgcal call of the calibration script in mystep=4.

  • PRTSIR-6362: DV01 shows inconsistent phases but only on one baseband (BB3, counting from 1) (Todd)
    • Seen in multiple executions on 19-May2015. This particular example was a TDM spw.

-- ArielleMoullet - 2015-03-16
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