2011 January 6

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  • Time: 15:00 - 15:30 ET = 19:00 - 19:30 UT
  • Location: CV-ER331
  • Video Hub:
  • Domestic Call In: 434-293-7109
  • Int'l Call In: 434-293-6691

Purpose: To Discuss ALMA Data Sets



  • Discussion of datasets in the repository (From Stuartt, Ed, Todd and Al)
    • Are there any good new ones? Last time we discussed nGC1316 Fornax A; Ori B7 5 antennas;; HD100546
  • Test Images: Richard made improved versions of these and also added two new ones. The idea is to have these on the ALMA website at the time of the announcement about the plans for the coming year, which will be going out in a few days. The main change to the existing pictures was to remove the frames and coordinates and, in most cases, replace them with bars giving the angular scale, to provide a less cluttered visual.
  • Access to Tiger Team data--password protection for the repository, public wiki. Thanks Jeff!
    • The data files are located here.
    • Username and password were distributed to attendees.
  • (REH) There is a 600m baseline to DV09 on A109 through ca 19 Jan. It would be good to have something to demonstrate a relatively high angular resolution capability. This is however essentially for PR purposes so it is of lower priority than the technical tests. High frequency data - band 7 or even 9 is probably the most useful. We need to select one or two suitable objects that have relatively simple structure on the right scales. For band 7 the resolution is in the region of 0.2 arc sec and for band 9 more like 0.1 arcsec. The "beam" will be highly elliptical and we need to take this into account in choosing the object. See UV plot attached to CSV-691.
  • Early Science Configurations (see below)
  • AOB

ES Configurations

  • There are two candidates for Early Science configurations under study.
    • Compact configuration
      • Compact_16_Ver10Dec10.txt: FBoone's 10Dec2010 Compact Array Design
      • Remy imaged some Gaussians, similar to what Mel Wright did, to quantify the depth of the bowl around the beam, and the insufficient # short spacings here Like Mel, Remy concludes that this is still not a very good config for extended imaging. It is suggested that the Boone algorithm be changed to suppress the large inner hole.
    • 250m configuration

-- AlWootten - 2011-01-05

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