Feb 24, 2011 Tiger Team Meeting

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  1. CSV News
  2. compact config
  3. Intermediate scale configuration
  4. How to run the OSS (Observing Script Simulator)
    • See CSV-685: R8 Observing Script Simulator issues
    • gns.aos.ste = aos-gns.aiv.alma.cl (at OSF): 2.6.18-164.15.1.el5PAE
    • nash.cv.nrao.edu (at ER-basement): 2.6.18-238.1.1.el5 i686
      • has ACS-8.2: /export/data_1/dklopp/alma/ACS-8.2/
      • but it's not running, acsStart fails, and "locate ObservingScriptSimulator" finds nothing.
    • ste-its.cv.nrao.edu (at NTC): 2.6.18-194.32.1.el5PAE i686
      • Here, you login in with the same password that you have at the OSF. However, at present OSS does not run properly.
      • on Feb 11 it was running ACS-9.0.0 Build : ALMA-8_0_1-B-TIMEBASED-IT-ATB-Now-2011-02-01-18-00
      • on Feb 17 it was running ACS-9.0.0 Build : ALMA-8_0_2-B-TIMEBASED-ATB-Now-2011-02-17-02-00
      • /alma/ACS-9.0/ACSSW/bin/ObservingScriptSimulator -y StandardInterferometry.py -x SchedBlock0.xml (for standard interferometry SBs)
      • output on Feb 17: Acspy.Util.ACSCorba._Client.__init__ - manager is not available. This method will block until manager comes online!
  5. Data analysis software
    • analysisUtils: CVS server for CSV software repository (project 21) is being moved from ESO to OSF on Feb 25. Users will need to update their environment variable:
      • bash: CVSROOT=":pserver:LOGIN@nas-04.aiv.alma.cl:2401/project21/CVS"
      • cshrc: setenv CVSROOT ":pserver:LOGIN@nas-04.aiv.alma.cl:2401/project21/CVS"
    • wvrgcal: Dan Klopp working with Darrell S. to automatically build versions against casapy-test and casapy-stable so that they will work without having to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH (CV helpdesk ticket 14063)
  6. AOB

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ES3b_Config.pdfpdf ES3b_Config.pdf manage 326 K 2011-02-23 - 17:15 AlWootten Report on Proposed Compact Configuration
Frederic_extended_small.pdfpdf Frederic_extended_small.pdf manage 8 MB 2011-02-24 - 11:41 RichardHills FB Original Extended Configs
Frederic_medium_small.pdfpdf Frederic_medium_small.pdf manage 4 MB 2011-02-24 - 11:34 RichardHills FB Original Medium Configs
SchedBlock0.xmlxml SchedBlock0.xml manage 28 K 2011-02-24 - 08:22 ToddHunter  
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alsproject_simulatorout.txttxt alsproject_simulatorout.txt manage 6 K 2011-02-24 - 08:19 ToddHunter OSS output
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