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NRAO and ALMA Single Dish Tutorial 2011 * Room 230 Homework * Link to Homework Main.LyndeleVonSchill 2011 12 01
JAO Support Group Meeting, Thursday Dec 2, 2010, 2:30 3:00 ET (1830 1900UT) Meeting Logisics * Time: 14:30 15:00 ET = 18:30 19:00 UT * Location: CV ER3...
janskyPerKelvin Return to directory of Todd's CASA extensions Computes the theoretical Jy/K for an ALMA single dish image based on its measured beamsize. See als...
Links that used to be on the NAASC wiki, but which are no longer relevant. Kept here so they could be removed from main wiki. They are not arranged in any particu...
USG Meeting 15 Aug 4 5pm ER 230 Telecons are at 2PM EDT on Mondays in CV 230 IP: Telephone hub: 434 972 7268 1. Task leads reports / new busine...
USG Meeting 15 Aug 4 5pm ER 230 Attendees: Andy, Adam, Jared, Aaron, Dongchan, Jim, Lyndele, Tony, Doug, Gerald 1. Task leads reports / new business * NRC (G...
Attendees: Scott, Carol, Andy, Kimberly, Jonathan, Dong chan, Jared, Jim, Lyndele, Al, Kartik, John H, Tony, Mark A, Heidi (video), Doug (phone). 1. News * 17 ...
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