ALMA pipeline and data reduction at the NAASC

An attempt to collect together helpful info on running the ALMA pipeline and related software at the NAASC




Installed on /opt/local/stow. Latest version (2011-4-25) is 0.21 (not tested), installed as opt/local/stow/wvrgcal-21/bin/wvrgcal . Note that this needs to be run from within CASA (to get the environment variables correct), and on 64-bit machines only. Currently (as of mid-February) works only on casapy, NOT on casapy-test. Dan Klopp is working to set up versions of wvrgcal that work in each version of CASA, with casapy-test being the priority. (contacts: Todd, Amy)

Bojan's instructions for running wvrgcal are on:

Here is an example with input parameters:

os.system(' --ms '+vis+' --output --toffset -1 --segfield --wvrflag 2 --reversespw 1 --reversespw 3')

And here is a page from Todd that shows some example output (could use the output as a regression test):


At some point, we will try to have AnalysisUtils updated by IT via SVN. For now, we can use Todd's copy:

import analysisUtils

Note from Todd: when he updates his analysisUtils, the updated files are not world-readable by default.


Remy has access

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