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The four ARCs are individually responsible for maintaining the structure and integrity of each folder, by selecting and posting the most recent presentations for each folder, and for maintaining their own "Community Training Agenda and Materials" folder.

The site is backed-up on a regular basis (~ every other week). If major changes to the site are anticipated, please let Lyndele know so that she can back-up the site before-hand.


Home + Events Calendar

Contains Google calendar and formatted list of scheduled Community Outreach events

Announcements ARC Staff

ARC Workflow Folders

  • ALMA Documents – Templates related to ALMA
  • Cognizant Leads and Deputies – Table of ARC Functional Assignments
  • Helpdesk Expertise – This page collects expertise of staff across the entire ALMA project, for use with helpdesk support (so-called "Level 3" tickets).

ARC-Specific Community Training Agenda & Materials

Each ARC will maintain a single presentation “package” – containing the most up-to-date set of presentations used for its community training.

Presentation Folders

  • Each Presentation Folder (ALMA Capabilities, ALMA Overview, etc.) will contain the most up-to-date presentation for each topic. Each ARC will upload a single presentation for each topic. As an example, the “CASA” Presentation Folder would contain a total of four presentations - one from each ARC.
  • Each ARC will identify one or two people to be the lead(s) for each folder. The leads are responsible for ensuring that the presentation in the folder is the most current version.


  • All file names should be descriptive and begin with the 2-letter ARC identifier (example: “NA OT Walkthrough Annotated”)
  • Table information should include version, date (of upload or creation), creator, and any useful notes about the presentation

Workflow (NA)

  • Site Leads: John Hibbard, Kartik Sheth
  • Folder Leads: As assigned. Folder Leads are responsible for regularly checking the site to ensure that the most up-to-date version of "their" presentation has been uploaded to the appropriate folder. The presentation(s) can be uploaded to the site in one of two ways:
    • the Lead may upload the document directly to the appropriate Presentation Folder AND notify Kartik and/or Lyndele that a new document has been uploaded.
    • the Lead may send the presentation to Kartik and/or Lyndele for posting.
  • Posting to site:
    • Documents should -ideally- be physically located at Google Docs and linked from the site.
    • If the Folder Lead uploaded the document to the presentation folder, Kartik and/or Lyndele will ensure that the presentation document is moved to Google Docs and that all links from the site point to that document.
    • The new document/presentation should replace the old document - there should be no more than one NA version of each topic.
  • Maintaining the "Community Training Agenda and Materials" folder
    • This folder will contain a complete package of recommended materials for use at a Community Training Event. There will be only one version of each type of presentation (Overview, OT, CASA, etc.).
    • The materials are for in-person presentation (PDFs may be available at another location -linked from the NAASC website?- for people who were not able to attend a training event.)
    • Kartik will replace older documents with newly uploaded documents as appropriate.

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