Suggested regression tests for ALMA archive

Download tests

1) Cycle 0 (multiple tar files, including calibrated ms)

2) Cycle 2 (product tar file, plus ASDMs)

3) Cycle 5 (individual products)
  • Public (DDT proposal):
  • First page of download in RH should look like this. Check that the sizes of the ASDMs are similar.
  • 2017.A.00018.S first page download.png



2) Project search
3) Bibliographic search
  • select "Publications" button in the "Options" box at the bottom right of the AQ
  • Type 2015.1.00570.S into the Project Code box in the project search
  • You should get one result row with 2017ApJ...838..146L

-- MarkLacy - 2018-09-13
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