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Cycle 4 proposal outcomes discussed in document on the portal

Cycle 3 concluded 30Sept; Cycle 4 commenced.

Good success with PI submission of the Scheduling Blocks BY September 15, 2016, at 15h00 UT.

SOS had a high oversubscription ratio.

Not even all the A rated proposals received funding. About 4::1 oversubscribed.

Charges to ASAC Oct 2016 were attached to August telecon.

ASAC suggestions for plots/documents for standing ASAC standing charges

Agenda for ASAC meeting

Discussion on Feedback on Snoopi and lack of Project Tracker.

Cycle 3 progress update

Cyc3 data is taking 72 days on average to get projects out to PIs. About 271 OUS in queue, might take 9-10 weeks to work thru the backlog.

How to deal with this? *don’t let backlog grow.

At NA we have been snatching the data and running it ourselves A plan running forward is that all ARCS will as possible do the cal pipeline/weblog review themselves.

Third step is to improve efficiency of the process. Better data in, try to stem the intake of bad data. Also improve the quality of pipeline heuristics rather than relying on eyeballing the results.

Assessment of this toward the end of the year

Discussion on the possibility of modifying the data product or its quality. Best effort needed now. Could scale that back a little with the pipeline. One pass through the pipeline, one reference image rather than many, could need.

Q: Many projects now need to reimage. It is clear that the project is not delivering science-ready images.

A: Our goal is to make an image which can be judged for QA2 pass. Sometimes it requires additional steps, e.g. self cal We will live with the backlog for a while, it might take most of Cycle 4 to work the backlog down.

Q: Are there people now to reduce Cyc4?

A: Cyc4 data have been taken for a week. Cyc4 pipeline began on Tuesday. That was to test workflow and to prevent backlog. Today the pipeline is accepted and Cyc4 is priority with Cyc3 A ranked carryover. All Cyc3 goes thru Cyc4 pipelines.

Q: given the long catchup timeline, will we end up in March with people writing the same proposal as before without knowing the status. Will a PI ever get pipeline data?

A: You can request release of raw uncalibrated data to plan. We will eventually cal and image that data and upon delivery of that data the clock will start. One can request stale data thru helpdesk for delivery.

Meeting updates: Half a Decade of ALMA: Cosmic Dawns Transformed, an international ALMA Workshop

Thanks for joining us for an exciting look at ALMA science at the close of its 5th observing year.

Look forward to Cycle 5

ALMA Development

Development update.

New Project calls beginning October 10 See presentations from ALMA Development Workshop 24-25 August 2016 See eNews for links to Development Workshop presentations in Europe and East Asia as well.

-- AlWootten - 2016-12-29
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