2005-July-5 Holdaway, Mangum, Glendenning, di Francesco, Hibbard, Otarola,

Configuration Plan for ACA. Mostly where with respect to each other. A good reference work on the reason for the ACA. Sensitivity as a function of baseline shows an incredible deficit at short spacings. This plot disagrees with SG's so we should understand why. Shortest baselines 15m, falls off but there is a place where the 7m contribution comes in at around 10m. Mark thinks equations are correct and will do an independent analysis. Mark will ask about linking document. 9 incremental Y+ configurations, taking 4 Conway stations and moving them out. The Ninth is not converging to provide high enough resolution, low enough inner sidelobes. This is iterative, so it is not independent of the eighth. Longest single baseline 19 km, was similar last time.

Action: who else stays in Chile?

-- AlWootten - 12 Jul 2005
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