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Agenda/Minutes for meeting Tuesday, 4 January at 4:00 pm EST.

Date: 4 January 2004

Time: 4:00 pm EST ( 2:00 pm Socorro, 2:00 pm Tucson)

Phone: Phone: (434)296-7082 (CV SoundStation Premier Conference phone 3rd floor). No Video planned.

Past minutes, etc on MMA Imaging and Calibration Division Page


4 January ASAC Telecon ASAC Agenda
5-7 Jan 2005 UNSC URSI Boulder meeting Commission J Agenda
7 January ANASAC Telecon ANASAC Agenda (TBD)
8 Jan 2005 Atacama Large Submillimeter Telescope Workshop
11 Jan 2005 ALMA Town Meeting, AAS San Diego; Agenda
14-15 Jan 2005 CSV Discussion, Socorro Agenda
27 Jan 2005 ALMA Board Telecon . Dates for 2005
24-25 Feb 2005 ASAC Face-to-face Garching (tentative)
24 Feb 2005 ALMA Board Telecon. Rebaselining to be discussed.
5-6 April 2005 ALMA Board Face-to-face meeting, Pasadena, CA.



Antenna news

Science IPT Statement of Work: JAO Ideas vs. ours

Article for ICASSP. Comments? Reviews welcomed.

DUSTY04 collection of papers relevant to ALMA.

Follow-up to last week's discussions

ATF Interferometry:

ATF PSI Plan from Sramek

Chilean Integration:

Please see the CSV wiki. Please examine the agenda for our meeting and comment.

Baseline Ripple and quantization noise

Wootten is working on action item to develop a spec for this. Does he ever do any actual work?

Total Power spectral line calibration

New discussion topics

Chilean CSV continued.

Science Corner:

Upcoming Meetings

Dusty and Molecular Universe 27-29 October 2004, Paris Presentations Online

2005 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing March 19-23 2005, Philadelphia See Radio Astronomy Session

IAU Symposium 227 Massive Star Birth: A Crossroads of Astrophysics May 16-20 2005, Acireale, Italy

Workshop on submillimeter wavelength astronomy in Cambridge (JUN 13-16). For more information, contact Paul Ho.

Astrochemistry throughout the Universe: Recent Successes and Current Challenges 2005 August 29 - September 2; Asilomar, California

Protostars and Planets V 24 - 28 October 2005 Hilton Waikoloa Village, The Big Island, Hawaii

URSI General Assembly 23-29 October 2005; New Delhi, India; "Mm/submm Techniques and Science" session 25-26 Oct.

NRAO 50th Birthday Party 15-19 October 2006, Charlottesville

-- AlWootten - 04 Jan 2005
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