Reviews culminated in November Board meeting assessing preparation for ES. Board statement: lots of great progress. ALMA works. There will be a preannouncement for call for proposals in early January, with a call issued in the first quarter (likely March) of 2011 by the JAO. Proposals will be due in June.

Future ALMA meeting: possible JWST joint meeting discussed by Rachel Osten. Maybe not right time frame (too early). In any case, likely venue for some ALMA activity, like an ALMA day. Other ideas for ALMA meeting: something connected to the EVLA/GBT? Perhaps including a Solar System component? Mini group including Jonathan Williams, Douglas Scott, and Andrew Baker will discuss some ideas and present a few options at next telecon. Other people interested to join are welcome.

Other ALMA activities: call for institutions interested in hosting ALMA science days.

Status update: Next antenna on several 100 meter baseline to test phase correction. Five 7 meter antennas at OSF. Alcatel 1 projected acceptance in March. Second Alcatel ready to begin pointing tests. Vertex 10 accepted and moved to the OSF. Vertex 11 and 12 being tested. Japanese antennas: PMO3 likely acceptance on Monday. PMO4 by the end of the month. Receivers somewhat lagging because of reviews and unified testing scheme, but now flowing to Chile.

Doug Johnston, reporting from OSF: big shift in stability of the system, still lots of faults but level or workability has really improved.

#5 mostly reviewed in the previous telecon. John will post information about the working groups.

Call for development proposals still in "wordsmithing" stage. Next stage is approval by AUI,NSF. After that will be circulated among partners in Taiwan, Canada. NRAO will form a council for technical review. Overall reviews will be carried out by an outside panel.

Respectfully submitted, A. Bolatto

-- AlWootten - 2011-02-14
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