AlmaImcal 30 Nov 04

Yancy, Jeff, Mark

MH wrote some sim code to check on holography on 3C273 at OSF. 128 x 128 image should have just enough resolution over a bit over an hour at 90 GHz for an rms of about 6 microns. Conclude that perhaps we do have enough. MH will pass by DTE, write up today and check this out tomorrow. If it passes the DTE test, will send to Lucas and Laing.

Mid-January CSV meeting discussed. Avoid MLK day. January in Tucson?

Radford: 225 radiometer has stopped running. Roberto took it down and took it back up, it seemed to be OK. Disk filled up and stopped data collection for about a week.

-- AlWootten - 30 Nov 2004
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