Contact Information Agenda/Minutes for meeting Tuesday, 2 October at 4:00 pm EDT.

Date: 2 Oct 2007

Time: 4:00 pm EDT (4:00 pm Santiago; 2:00 pm Socorro, 1:00 pm Tucson)

Phone: Phone: (434)296-7082 (CV SoundStation Premier Conference phone 3rd floor). No Video planned.

Past agendas, etc on MMA Imaging and Calibration Division Page. Discussion notes in Red font


And then there were five... Panels are are mounted on the Vx antenna No. 1 at the OSF. Servo testing underway. See other images and animations. See other images.

Vx Antenna No 2 Antenna No 2 arrived. It is seen in the Vx Site Erection Facility building here.

Vx Antenna No 2 Antenna No 2 in the Vx Site Erection Facility building, here levitating to a standing position.

  1. Ongoing Items


  • OSF, ATF Support. Computing/Science have taken over the ATF (See Updates). Discuss goals and progress.
    • Fortran program I wrote for OVRO to calculate fringe rotation, Doppler velocities, etc.
  • Configuration, site-science ICD, wx stations, removal of characterization equipment, etc.
  • News
    • Schedule. See presentation.
  • AWGonSLF<- Needs to be updated! - TR is aware of this...
  • DRSP

Science Corner:

The Proceedings of the First NAASC ALMA Workshop, From Z-Machines to ALMA: (Sub)Millimeter Spectroscopy of Galaxies, has been published as Volume number 375 of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series. A. Baker, J. Glenn, A. I. Harris, J. Mangum and Min S. Yun edited the volume.

arXiv:0708.3016v1 [astro-ph] Star and Planet Formation with ALMA: an Overview Authors: Ewine F. van Dishoeck, Jes K. Jorgensen


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%see also Al's ALMA Biweekly Calendar)
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Sep 10-12
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Annual ALMA External Review
Oct 1-2
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Oct 30-31
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ALMA Board Meeting
Nov 1-2
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AMAC f2f Meeting
Nov 5
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ALMA Peoduction Review

Upcoming Meetings

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-- AlWootten - 02 Oct 2007

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