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Sci IPT 29 Nov 2006

Rob, Mangum, Dutrey, Bacmann, Remijan, Lucas, C. Wilson, DiFrancesco, Hills, Hogerheijde,

Penultimate Y+ designed. Some problems with inner sidelobes owing to road constrains on locations. Rough road design with M3 done, highest resolution array designed as much time thought to be spent in this array (~1 month). This was confronted with the site. Some modifications were necessary. Redesign of roads underway. Some good places have probably good antenna pad locations. With new road design, pending, array redesign will be necessary. Designing for 50 antennas.

AW to put list of antenna locs somewhere discoverable.

Calibration. Awaiting final versions of several example documents. Collecting info to next step--creation of observing sequences. CIPT to be brought in at that stage. Weather instrumentation also, putting together bid documentation for ALMA weather stations. O2 sounder to be handled by ESO side of project.

Hills--looking for people to oxygen or CO2 temperature sounder. 15 microns. Probably not commercially available.

SSR: Meeting 11-8. Many at science meeting. Science tests going on right now. SFI development work is now a main focus. Rough versions of requirements for data reduction now.

DRSP: Need to get reviewers together. 2.0 by end of year probably not feasible. By Q1 2007.

Bringing 230 GHz radiometer to OSF is being considered. RH--outer channels can give good PWV estimates.

AWGSLF--Andrew going to Leiden. ESO sending.

Hills--OPT spec. One issue there is on the vertex antennas the telescope is positioned such that the beam goes very close to the supports for the secondary mirror. is this a possible source of problem? air flow? heating? JGM: no evidence for differential seeing difference between AEC and Vx antennas. May ask optical people.

-- AlWootten - 29 Nov 2006
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