The proposal was made (with no objection) to hold an ALMA-related workshop on the new suite of ultrawide-bandwidth (sub)millimeter spectrometers now under development for several telescopes. The main goals of such a workshop ("From Z to A: Z-Machines to ALMA" ?) would be to familiarize the community with these instruments' capabilities, highlight the most important scientific questions about dusty high-redshift galaxies that they will be able to address in the near term, and discuss how observing programs can be designed to optimize synergy with ALMA on longer timescales. This would be a small workshop (~60 participants) held in Charlottesville following the Washington DC meeting of the AAS. Dates for the workshop would be January 13-14, a Friday and Saturday, or some approximation to that.

To hold a meeting at that time implies starting work soon. I am asking the ANASAC members two things: Are you in favor of holding this workshop? Are you interested in serving on the Scientific Organizing Committee? (We can count on interest in working on the SOC from people involved in z-machine projects, to supplement members of the ANASAC who may wish to serve.)

Please respond to this email as soon as possible. No response by May 20 will be taken as "yes" to the first question and "no" to the second.

-- AlWootten - 04 May 2005
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