notes from telecon June 27 to discuss preparation of IVC report

present: Giles, Jin, Dan, Shih-Ping, Kate, Chris, Rachel, Tony R., Al, Phil

Jin Koda will be there in Charlottesville for the IVC meeting. He has asked Kotaro Kohno about how the EA-IVC region meeting went. Focus was on specific services from that region, not so much on Qs 1,3,5: mostly Q4. Also had a question about the agenda for the Charlottesville meeting: 1.5 hours for lunch IVC+ANASAC, another 1.5 hours for IVC+ANASAC. Unsure what to expect, what to prepare for all the time allotted. Phil: no insight into why not asked to comment on all items, can ask chair for cclarification shouldn't have to comment on things weren't asked to comment on Tony: will be preparing NAASC presentation will send to Jin in a few days during ANASAC F2F, supplementary docs were made available, they go into a bit more detail about NAASC ops.

Giles: don't have time to address #2,4 in writing

Giles: Q about process, Q3 & 5 yr plan -- until recently no 5 year plan, now exists in draft form. is there another version to consider before the report? Phil: not aware of another update, materials sent out are what the IVC is working from, but will ask

Tony R. discussion of dynamic range 1000 image, looking for, anecdotal comments (M84?) Al: there is an IST report about this Tony: yes, was posted to wiki page comment from ANASAC members about reluctance to look at this since supposed to be an independent report Chris: made first attempt, OK to look at Giles: make sure can find IST report

level 1 requirements discussion Giles: comments on Chris' write-up for first part Chris: CII clearly works, CO doesn't, take Andrew's text + hers, condense into a paragraph or two second part Kate: has fulfilled level 1 requirements Giles: magnetic field -- Zeeman measurements or dust polarization, can debate for Zeeman whether conditions are met. Kate: not an expert, those who are should read this carefully, wording is vague Giles: will take a closer look third part: precise images Jin: split this into two pieces, single pointing, 12m array only, and mosaic, made from either 12m+7m arrays, or 12m+7m+TP. For the former, yes, has met level 1 requirements, assuming M84 gets to DR~1000. For the latter, not clear Chris: the short version of the charge doesn't mention mosaics. level 1 requirements are these short blurbs

question3: 5 year plan Giles: write-up, looks good, any questions?

question 5: ALMA2030 Shih-Ping: ALMA2030 or next 5 years? Giles: Q3 is next 5 years, so assume Q5 is longer term. last paragraph appropriate? Stokes V capability Giles: comment about factor of 2 improvement in bandwidth, in light of the CUP delays heard about at ANASAC meeting

discussion about writing: need a couple of days to revise, Chris says Tuesday at the earliest (but note that she did find some time and made emendations already, and Jin also finished his write-up). plan is to shoot for July 6 as next draft; Rachel to work on synthesizing text.

Action item for Phil to look into Q2, 4 find out if ANASAC needs to do anything for these, also see if there is a more updated document for Q3,

discussion about frequency of ANASAC telecons: Tony R. is willing to do more ‚Äčif there is interest. What is the optimal timeframe? before ASAC meetings, yes. also opportunity to provide input to new capabilities (deadline is December).

-- AlWootten - 2019-08-26
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