Contact Information Agenda/Minutes for meeting Tuesday, 27 June at 4:00 pm EDT.

Date: 27 June 2006

Time: 4:00 pm EDT (4:00 pm Santiago; 2:00 pm Socorro, 1:00 pm Tucson)

Phone: Phone: (434)296-7082 (CV SoundStation Premier Conference phone 3rd floor). No Video planned.

Past agendas, etc on MMA Imaging and Calibration Division Page. Discussion notes in Red font


The AOS TB  Shell Done 15 June view of the AOS TB Shell and the antennas of the site testing interferometer.
  1. Project news/updates


  • AIVC Meeting in Santiago. PE's Notes and Action Items
  • Tracking beyond the sidereal rate with ALMA
  • CRE on Subreflector tilt: Held by SE&I
  • CRE on scattering cone: In process at Vertex at least.
  • Outer edge of the subreflector. In process, further study.
  • ICDs:
    • Sci-Comp
    • Sci-Site
  • Polarization widget. Crystal has begun a discussion.
  • Simulations
  • Weather stations: Angel reports that the CR4 hygrometer has arrived in Tucson.

Here is what I have, with the terms under the commissioning WBS 3070 (people are in WBS 3040 before that, and the postdocs are always in 3040).

SCO: Proj Scientist (JAO) - AOS/ISM/2007.1-2012.3 Commissioning Scientist/EU - AOS/ISM/2007.1-2009.4 Commissioning Scientist/NA - AOS/ISM/2007.1-2009.4

In NA: Proj Scientist (Wootten) - AOS/ISM/2008.3-2010.4 NA (Myers) - ATF/NA/2007.1-2009.4 Instr Scientist (Emerson) - ATF/ISM/2007.1-2010.4 Calibration - ATF/NA/2007.3-2009.4 Imaging - ATF/NA/2007.3-2009.4 Postdoctoral Fellows - ATF A Remijan 2006.1-2009.1 B Hales 2006.3-2009.3 C Reid (Two antennas increase in commissioning complexity) 2006.3-2008.3 Additional science support for AIVC (0.5 FTE) unassigned in time or place

And for EU Proj Scientist (Wilson) - AOS/ISM/2008.3-2010.4 Instr Scientist (Laing) - ATF/ISM/2007.1-2010.4 EU Pers D - ATF/Eu/2007.1-2009.4 Postdoctoral Fellows A Zwaan (Leaves before 2007.1?) B Monsalvat de Gregorio - SCL 2006.3 - 2009.3 ? C S. Leurini ESO 2006.3 - 2009.3 D T. Stanke ESO 2006.3 - 2009.3 (halftime) Plus 2 FTE for Two antennas increase in data complexity) 2006.3-2008.3 (timing can be adjusted)

And for JP (perhaps Kawabe or Vila might comment) Proj Scientist (Kawabe) - AOS/ISM/2008.3-2010.4? Instr Scientist (Vila) - ATF/ISM/2007.1-2010.4 Postdoctoral Fellows - D. Iono NAOJ 2005.4 - 2008.4 ? S. Takakuwa NAOJ 2006.1 - 2009.1 ? Tomohiko Sekiguchi NAOJ 2006.1 - 2009.1 ? Another?

This manpower schedule was designed so that precommissioning could begin on the ATF in Fall 2006. We had recently heard that this might begin in early 2007. We believe this manpower to be short, as it does not:
  • allow anyone science time in 2009
  • consider rotation to Chile; it assumes all hands on deck during 2009.

However, at the AIVC meeting a protodecision clearly embraced by Rick and Tony would mean that: NO ALMA FRONT END WOULD EVER BE USED FOR PRECOMMISSIONING AT THE ATF.

We need to evaluate the consequences of that decision.

During 2008 our only task is 'support work' for Rick at the OSF.

Currently, an antenna with an ALMA frontend appears at the AOS in 2008.4 We could do two antenna interferometry in 2008.4, and perhaps three antenna. Four antenna interferometry would come early early 2009, with a decision for Early Science about 1 March 2009.

I think that, without some ability to work on the system at the ATF it will be impossible to meet this schedule. We need to flesh that statement out with the commissioning plan, which Robert, Baltasar and I are to work on. But my initial lookthrough of Robert's plan 4 (the most recent I have) from Jan 2005 suggests an additional six months or so would be needed. This is not unreasonable given that this is about the amount of time we lose at the ATF.

Thus a first guess at 'cost' is the standing army above would have to have another 6 months salary, or, pessimistically, a year. Some positions could be postponed (Comm Sci, allowing the PSJAO to have a say in their hire) but there are few options this late in the game!

Comments? I will develop this discussion into a document but I need to lay the groundwork for the discussion tomorrow at the IPT meeting.

Science Corner:


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Jun 28
ALMA Sci IPT Telecon
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Sept 16-17
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Pre-Production Design Review for the Vertex ALMA Antenna
Duisberg, Germany
9-10 November 2006
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ALMA Board Meeting

Upcoming Meetings

[][Complex Molecules in Space: present status and prospects with ALMA]] May 8 to 11, 2006, Fuglsoecentret, near Aarhus, Denmark

61st OSU International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy, June 19-23, 2006, Columbus Ohio USA

The fate of gas in galaxies July 12-14, 2006 ASTRON, Dwingeloo,

IAU XXVI General Assembly Prague, 14-25 August 2006 *Sessions of Particular ALMA Interest* A Summer School on "(Sub)Millimetre Observing Techniques" Victoria, BC, Canada 14-17 August 2006

Fifth IRAM Millimeter Interferometry School October 2-6, 2006 Grenoble, France

Science with the Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) II November 13-16; Madrid, Spain

Astrophysical Masers and their Environments 2007 March 12-16, Alice Springs, Australia

50th anniversary of the founding of NRAO Delayed NRAO wishes to remain 49 a bit longer...; Charlottesville, Virginia

See also NAASC listing

-- AlWootten - 27 Jun 2006
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