ALMA ALMA North American Science Advisory Committee Telecon Phone Meeting 2007, March 7

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Contact Information

  • Call date: 2007-03-07 19:00 UT (Friday)
  • Call time 14:00 EST or 19:00 UT
  • Duration: 1 hr
  • USA Number: 1-866-675-5385
  • Outside USA Number: +1 517 444 6916
  • Passcode: 8445333#
  • Leaders: Chris Carilli, Jon Williams


ANASAC Members (Attendees in RED):

  • Andrew Baker (Rutgers) (2008)
  • John Bally (U. Col.) (2008)
  • Andrew Blain (Caltech) (2007)
  • Todd Clancy (SSI) (2009)
  • Xiaohui Fan (U. Az.) (2007)
  • Terry Herter (Cornell) (2009)
  • Paul Ho (CfA, Harvard) (2008)
  • Kelsey Johnson (UVa) (2009)
  • Doug Johnstone (HIA/DAO, Victoria) (2007)
  • Lee Mundy (U. Md) (2007)
  • Jaqueline van Gorkom (Columbia) (2007)
  • Alycia Weinberger (DTM) (2009)
  • Jonathan Williams (U. Hawaii) (2008)
  • Christine Wilson (McMaster U.) (2007)
  • Mel Wright (UC Berkeley) (2008)
(Bold = Member of ASAC)

  • J. Hibbard
  • A. Wootten
  • Carilli
  • Brogan


1) Old Business (Carilli)

Minutes of 08 Dec 2006 meeting. Approved
Action items from last time:

  • ACTION: Future science meetings
    • WHO: All
    • Due: June 07
    • Done:

2) ALMA Science IPT News (Wootten)

3) Update on ASAC (Mundy)

ASAC Web Page

4) Update on ALMA Ops, NAASC proposals (Carilli/Hibbard)

See supplemental material

NSF panel Chair Jean-Rene Roy -- Gemini Observatory South director

AOP international review panel Chair -- Pierre Cox - IRAM director

5) ALMA Workshops (Brogan)

6) Next Telecon

  • Date of next phone meeting will be on: April 27, 2007

Supplemental Material

Announcement from AUI/NRAO DO on ALMA ops plan review

On another topic, we just successfully completed two ALMA operations reviews. One was an international review of the ALMA Operations Plan; the other was an NSF review of our proposal for conducting North American ALMA Operations and for the NAASC. The initial debriefings by the review committees were extremely positive. While we must await receipt of the written reports before providing a definitive summary, you should know that the panels were extremely impressed by the planning, the materials, the presentations, and the performance of the NRAO staff.

They were especially impressed with both the level of detail that has gone into the planning--"years ahead" of other projects they knew at comparable points in their lifecycles--and the teamwork displayed. They could not believe that the NRAO staff members involved with ALMA operations had been working together for barely a year. The NSF review also conveyed their impression that NRAO appeared clearly ahead of the other partners in operations planning. They and NSF also heard a clear and strong message that ALMA is NRAO's top priority, and that the One Observatory approach provides a suite of forefront facilities from meter to submillimeter wavelengths to the astronomical community.

There are obviously some concerns, including the planned steep ramp-up in hiring, and the adequacy of the resources both for user support and for future maintenance and development, but both of these just argue for more resources. Overall, the panel appeared overwhelmingly supportive of our work.

We thank everyone who worked so hard to make this review a success, and all who are continuing to make NRAO the world's forefront radio astronomy observatory.

The entire Observatory should be proud.

Fred Lo and Ethan Schreier

-- ChrisCarilli - 06 March 2007
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