ANASAC Telecon

23 July 2010

Present - Baker, Blain, Bollato, Brogan, Emerson, Foster, Goodman, Hibbard, Hsien, Johnstone, Lonsdale, Looney, Padgett, Scott, Wilner, Wootten.

Apologies: Johnson, Williams,

Welcome to Holly Foster, new admin assistant for the NAASC, including ANASAC business.

1) Progress report

Al Wootten described construction progress, including the first appearance of six 12-m antennas at the AOS, keeping with the 1-per-month delivery rate, despite vile weather with 50 m/s winds and 15F temperatures.

2) NAASC NSF review

Carol Lonsdale described that the review visit was completed. Feedback was very positive. We congratulate the NAASC staff, and Carol singled out John Hibbard and Crystal Brogan for special commendation.

Indications are that the issue of funds for time remains thorny. There was a note to include more effort on analysis tools in the guideline program, inevitable at the expense of other effort.

There were concerns about user expectations being too high for early science.

ACTION: To consider revised budget at F2F.


There has been a very strong summer school. The NA part of written contributions to the suite of forthcoming project reviews are probably going to ready in time for our F2F.

4) Forthcoming face-to-face meeting

Please look out for email from Holly Foster concerning logistics. Please plan on all-day meetings in Charlottesville 13/14th September and book travel now.

Note that the turnover of about five committee members is expected. The NRAO director makes the decision about membership, but please all consider potential candidates. ACTION: ALL


Date of next meeting: Friday 27th August 1500 Eastern, 2000UT.

-- AlWootten - 2010-08-20
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