Minutes of ANASAC Telecon, June 22, 2012, 4 pm EDT.

Attending: Daniela (Leading), Al, Debbie Padgett, Carol Lonsdale, David Wilner, John Hibbard, Mark Lacy, Ciska Kemper, Dick Crutcher, Mike Mumma, John Carpenter, Douglas Scott. Kibitzing: Doug Johnstone, Chris Wilson.

Telecon has followed Agenda pretty closely, with reports mainly from Al, John, Carol.

Al has reiterated the need for feedback from the ANASAC on `what information are we not getting for ALMA?', in order to fashion a FAQ.

In addition, feedback on what future functionalities we would like to see implemented in Cycle 2 (and beyond?) is also needed. Polarimetry (not delivered for Cycle 1) floated to the top during the telecon. Some brief discussion on Band 5 was also entertained, in connection to the approved ALMA Development proposals.

Cycle 1: Region distribution of NOIs is roughly the same as Cycle 0. TAC membership is being upped, in order to form 11 panels with 7 members each: there will be one panel less in cosmology than originally planned. The reason was not clear. Francoise Combes will be the TAC Chair (Neal Evans was in Cycle 0). As of Friday, 15 proposals had been submitted.

Webinar: Held on June 11. Had to be capped to 100 registered participants (unclear whether more could be supported), suggesting success for the initiative. Material presented during the Webinar is available on the web. The Webinar was streamed during the June AAS, and the material was presented at a Summer School. To be investigated for the future is a more interactive possibility to ask questions (default was to send question to NRAO, to be read by a person on-site).

ASAC: is looking into its role, as ALMA construction nears completion, and the Board appears to interact less with this body.

ALMA papers: 6 appeared so far in the literature: 3 based on SV data, 3 on PI data.

Next Telecon: scheduled for July 13th (day after ALMA Cycle 1 deadline). Telecon dates currently settled on second Friday of the month. Al to circulate Doodle poll, to investigate alternative days/times, to avoid Ciska getting up at 4 am on Saturdays (Taiwan time).

Daniela Calzetti

-- AlWootten - 2012-07-02
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