Sci IPT 21Sept 2005

Wootten, Wilson, Lucas, DiFrancesco, Shige, Bacmann, Emerson, Stirling, Myers

Wootten sure talked a lot. Alas, he cannot talk and write at the same time so there is no record here of what he said.

Lucas: SSR review 3 end of month. Need to support the system. Following R3 there is an integration activity. Meeting in Garching, then Socorro, then group meeting in Charlottesville, followed by SSR meeting.

Steve: sessions in Jan ursi Meeting in Boulder. Holdaway, Brogan, Welch will speak. Schedule full but abstract deadline is still a week away, so send one in if you like.

Stirling: Summary measured heat fluxes, radiosondes at the high site, also lower down at one of the extended array locations. What happens to T variability across the array. In lowest few hundred meters. Significant horizontal variations; looked into impact on errors on WVR.

DTE: Beasley requested from seismic group at Caltech to put a device on our site. They would send info back by radio link but this would exceed the power levels in our agreement. Beasley suggested the signal go on cable or fiber.

-- AlWootten - 21 Sep 2005
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