notes from ANASAC telecon Jan. 20, 2012


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1. ALMA Progress

27 antennas at AOS, 5 7 m dishes at ACA operating independently with own correlator. Single dish data collection going on -- haven't combined with ACA data yet. Solar campaign -- single dish + interferometric, testing solar filters (needed more attenuation).

5 EU antennas accepted, 6 7m at high site, all 6 12 m Japanese antennas

front ends keeping pace with antennas

new software version 9.0 has been rolled out, small # of projects may be affected by overlap of two versions of the software

ASAC asked to give rapid feedback on extending Cycle 0 by 5 months. Unanimous among board for extending Cycle 0. CfP to go out late May/early June with a due date of mid-July, plan is for a panel review to meet in October (had been July), Cycle 1 to start early 2013.

Capabilities offered for Cycle 1: >6 ACA antennas (up to 9), polarization & solar campaigns (not general purpose; CSV team to put out announcement, criteria; expect active participants), other capabilities as in Nov. slides. Redirecting resources towards completion of Cycle 0.

permanent power supply to come on in Feb., array will be down when power supply is switched over -- will take the entire month. Possibly another shutdown in July?

Need the fourth quadrant of correlator for >32 antennas.

2. NAASC during Early Science

AAS meeting, people appreciated seeing data, planning for session at summer meeting as well. ~18 data sets ready, 8 sessions so far: another session next week. Lot of band 9/7 projects have gotten started, but in hiatus

development proposals: NSF to approve nominees for referees, expecting ~24 proposals, development steering committee to meet in April (uncertain about this). ASAC not involved in ADSC meeting, endorsing projects. Kelsey is keeping her finger on the pulse of this, there are no terms of reference for the committee.

3. NSF portfolio review

keep ALMA operations safe: ALMA at the heart of advances in Astro2010, centrality of investment requesting that NSF look at double jeopardy across all telescopes

4. ASAC activities

Feb. f2f meeting of ASAC

5. Astronomer Outreach

workshop on jets, winds, & outflows ALMA early science workshop being moved to later in winter

6. Dates of next telecoms

no telecom in Feb. due to ASAC f2f that same week

7. Any Other Business

-- AlWootten - 2012-05-17

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