Minutes from 1 March telecon

Present: Karin Öberg, Chris Wilson, Stephen White, Al Wootten, Phil Jewell

1. The prioritization of alma receiver upgrades was briefly discussed. Preliminary ASAC views were circulated to the ANASAC a few weeks ago. Please review and send comments to Karin or add to the google doc, since this is the topic of one of the ad hoc charges.

2. The current ASAC charges were discussed. There was an inquiry on what information exists on the total power spectrometer (ASAC charge 6). A two-page document was posted two telecons ago. Since then there has been a design review, and the spectrometer passed that review. The balance between data delivery to PIs versus archive development was discussed. Stephen commented that data delivery should be prioritized. Karin agreed, and also brought up that there is a long term potential conflict between PI interests and archive miner interest in what image products should be produced by the project. This is something ANASAC should consider commenting on to ASAC. The pan-ALMA meeting frequency is proposed to be every five years or so and there seems to be consensus on this.

3. Al updated the ANASAC on ALMA development. There is still a need for reviewer suggestions from the ANASAC. Please submit to Al if you have not already.


-- AlWootten - 2017-03-02
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