Notes Science IPT 19 July 2005 1530 UT

Baltasar, Mangum, Remijan, Hogerheijde, Richer, Takakuwa, Emerson

The JAO/IPT meeting usurped the usual Science IPT telecon time. Therefore we will have a date shift to Monday at 1430 UT 15 August.

The NA project has signed a contract for up to 32 antennas. A kickoff meeting to determine schedule will occur 28-29 July in Dallas.

Additional subarraying capability will be provided by a design proposed by Japan for the AOS switching network. The Science IPT welcomes additional subarraying capability and will publish a short document on this subject.

The frequency switching recommendations are essentially complete.

Science requirements for ALMA Nutators--a document is required by 1 August. Please comment on the material at the almaedm link in the agenda. Baltasar said there appear to be no showstoppers for current antenna design/JP. Some thinking on requirements are summarized in a memo he submitted, available on almaedm. Quantitative analysis using rx specs, OTF mapping etc is being undertaken. For broadband continuum the current Rx specs are non optimal. The memo compared with other telescopes OTF and wobbling subreflector preformance to arrive at broad specs. Baltasar is currently working on memo with 1-d and 2-d simulations. A nutator discussion to reach agreement is planned for the interstices of the system requirements review next week.

At the Front End DeltaPDR the RFMembrane science requirements were discussed. There aren't any specific ones; this is being rectified. Saito is now considering.phase errors owing to thickness of material.

Next meeting Monday 15 Aug 1430 UT,

7m PDR included in ACA system PDR, scheduled for Chile late September.

Kawabe noted that there were No scientific specs on beam squint for B8, B9, B10 specs. There should be some specs on this.

Configuration. A new configuration has been designed and will be staked on Chajnantor during the next month. Morita working on ACA configuration, will be released within a week.

Calibration Amplitude calibration Review is August 25 in Grenoble. Mangum is chair. Baltasar preparing ACA Cal specs and Reqs. Feedback.

DRSP--two projects in pipeline, one being revised after review. Another still under review.

Site Characterization There is a new trailer at the NRAO site in preparation for AOS construction, expected soon. New batteries will be installed there within the next month. Stirling and Otarola will lead a characterization campaign over the next month

Next meeting 15 Aug 2005 1430 UT.

-- AlWootten - 19 Jul 2005
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