Minutes of ANASAC Telecon, May 18th, 2012, 4 pm EDT.

Attending: Daniela (Leading), Al, David, Joh, Doug, Gordon, Douglas, Jonathan, ???

Telecon followed Agenda pretty closely, with reports mainly from Al.

THijs de Graauw to step down as ALMA director soon after inauguration. Search for new Director on-going (search call issued on May 15th).

NAOJ astronomer Koh-Ichiro Morita was mugged and killed in Santiago. The ALMA Safety Office is reviewing its procedures and considering issuing cell-phones to personnel with one-touch emergency button.

Fears that the Cryogenic Front End could be subject to ITAR regulations have been dispelled by the lawyers. Problem solved in early May and no delays are expected as a result of this.

Change requests received for Band 8, Band 10, and (just received on the day of the telecon) Band 4.

Weather on the site is improving, which is boosting observing efficiency. Cycle 0 observations in Bands 3, 6, 7 are likely to be completed by the end of the Cycle. Band 9 is unlikely. This has prompted the question of whether PIs of such proposals should resubmit in Cycle 1.

Project Tracker for PIs well underway.

List of highest ranked proposals available on the Web. However, at the time of the telecom, permissions had not been set correctly for external access of abstracts. Cycle 0 abstracts will be made accessible. Unclear what decision is on Cycle 1 abstracts; possible publication delayed until end of proprietary period; Jonathan to put together statement on what the ASAC wants to do about these abstracts.

Webinar: community event to take place on June 11th. Registration required.

Development programs: NRAO in the process of communicating results on selected programs.

SV data have enabled impressive science. A comment was made that there seems to be a trend for papers being submitted by the staff soon after SV data become public. Noted as a trend not to be encouraged.

Archive will open next month. SV datasets will be made public on different timescales, depending on the observations and mode.

Workshops: Workshop in Charlottesville (Sept 2012) on High-z Molecules is endorsed by the ANASAC.

ALMA Inauguration: planned for ~March 2012, preparations underway.

Next Telecon: proposed for June 22nd (one week later than usual). New slot will need to be sought so Ciska will not need get up at extremely inconvenient times on Saturday mornings.

Daniela Calzetti

-- AlWootten - 2012-07-02
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