ANASAC Telecon

16 June 2010

Present - Baker, Blain, Bollato, Emerson, Hibbard, Hsien, Johnstone, Lonsdale, Looney, Padgett, Scott, Stacey, Wilner, Wilson, Wootten, WIlliams.

Apologies: Weinberger,

Welcome to Douglas Scott, the incoming Canadian representative.

1) Progress report

Al Wootten described construction progress, including the first appearance of five12-m antennas at the AOS, keeping with the 1-per-month delivery rate. Eight front ends and now on site, 2 more than last month, and the first servicing of a frontend at the OSF was carried out.

A simulated test of a proposal submission and review process took place successfully all the way to scheduling blocks (SBs) in early June. A report is not yet available. In Aug/Sept a test is planning to go all the way to including the insertion of mock data into the archive.

35 names of potential proposal reviewers for the early science call were submitted to JAO last month.

2) NAASC NSF review

Scheduled for mid-July in Chile. The decision point for a call for proposals is Nov 22nd. ACTION: ALL: ANASAC members are encouraged to range around the NAASC website ( and to suggest possible improvements.


Staffing: Appointments to the NAASC are progressing, with 2 staff scientist positions accepted, and a possible third offer being discussed.

The Victoria BC January spectroscopy meeting at HIA is soon to be announced.

4) Face-to-face meeting

The dates for a face to face meeting are available at For those that cannot access, please send a list of favored and impossible dates between 23 Aug and 23 Sep to Al. I will send separate reminders to those who have not yet entered details. Please plan for a fall 2-day meeting, with a ~9am start and a ~5pm finish on the second day. Location TBD, but Charlottesville seems best. Note that you may find that flights to Charlottesville and Richmond are more convenient than to Washington Dulles. ACTION: NON-REPLYING MEMBERS, AL.

Note that the turnover of about five committee members is expected. The NRAO director makes the decision about membership, but please all consider potential candidates. ACTION: ALL

5) Any other business

Visitors to the CSV process are welcomed by JAO for periods exceeding three months. The desire for people to contribute in this way to the project is very strong. Visitors to the NAASC for periods of from two months to a year are also encouraged. In both cases, please encourage colleagues to contact the NAASC for information. ACTION: ALL: VOLUNTEER AND ENCOURAGE COLLEAGUES TO DO SO.

ASAC representatives suggested that the ASAC may ask for help with discovering issues prior to the deadline for deciding about the call for early science. It is hoped that ANASAC members will be proactive in seeking out issues and lending a hand. In particular, a list of LIAISON members of ASAC/other committees might be drawn up, and it is hoped that ANASAC members would be willing to help with this. There is the possibility that NA may have specific issues for early science that are distinct from the project-wide situation. A similar scheme for ANASAC should be discussed at our face-to-face meeting.

The project has established standing review panels, based on those assembled for last year's project reviews, in three areas: Commissioning (chair: Doug Johnstone), Operations (chair: George Helou) and the NAASC (chair: Kelsey Johnson).

A call for ALMA development studies has been approved by the ESO council and should be appearing within the month. A similar process in North America is expected. ACTION: AL - FORWARD THE STRAWMAN TEXT FROM THE NAASC PROPOSAL.


Date of next meeting: Friday 23rd Jul .

-- AlWootten - 2010-07-22
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