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* 2009-2-18 14:30 UT
* Note: C. Wilson points out line noise may be muted by pressing *6 which works thru the call center.
* Duration: 1 hr
* USA Toll Free Number: 877-874-1919
* Toll Number: +1-203-320-9891
* Passcode: 185064
* Leader: Al Wootten
* Attendees:


1 Old Business The enhanced Agenda from last meeting is available. Science IPT notes from last month's telecon are attached to the bottom of the agenda.

Vertex Antenna No 1 after ALMA acceptance Vertex Antenna No 1 arriving at the OSF TB after conditional acceptance.

See other images and animations. See other images and transporters.

  1. New Business--Project news/updates. 16Feb Schedule View (Hills, Peck)
  • Commissioning Scientists continue to agglomerate in Chile. Denis Barkats is here and Tom Wilson has also arrived for one-year stint. The first of the Operations Astronomers and System Astronomers have also taken up their posts. We still ahve sevearl vacant posts and a new round of adverts is going out this week. PLEASE HELP US TO FIND SUITABLE PEOPLE.
  • ALMA Status Report R. Hills or A. Wootten. See Newsletter links below.
    • System: Astronomical validation of an ALMA system was achieved with detection of the moon at 100, 240 and 310 GHz on 2009 Jan 22! Attempts at 675 GHz were unsuccessful--antenna panel setting and weather were non-optimal for this frequency.
    • Site: There has been good progress on completion of the foundations for the ACA. We remain concerned about whether sufficient antenna stations with power and fibres can be made available in time for Early Science.
    • Antennas: Vertex No 1 has completed acceptance tests and is second through the ALMA gate.
    • ASAC Matters.
      • Face-to-face meeting was in Chile 28-29 Jan. Blain to deliver March report to Board.
      • Panel to prepare ALMA Development Proposal has had several telecons, draft report written (see link).
  • ALMA Science IPT wiki page
  • Astronomer Outreach: New JAO ALMA Webpages. ESO Newsletter No 16 NRAO eNews ALMA News. NAOJ News. NRAO ALMA Calendar
  1. Directories

Science IPT Group Activity Reports

Please include your Group Activity Report here (How to Enter Your Report), or email it to AlWootten

Project Scientists

  1. Science IPT
  2. Next meeting is on Mar 18th (14:30 UT). Apr 15th for the following month.

Richard Hills, Alison Peck, Robert Laing -- Commissioning and Science Verification

  • Commissioning and Science Verification

Jeff Mangum -- Calibration

Bojan Nikolic/John Richer -- Recent Materials

  • Presentation was made of ALMA plans to the US National Radio Science Meeting, followed by a visit to the NAASC and discussions.

Lars-Äke Nyman -- eSSR

Testi, Leurini-- Design Reference Science Plan

Wootten -- Site Characterization

Remijan, Markwick-Kemper -- ALMA Working Group on Spectral Line Frequencies

Science Corner:

White Papers on science for the AS2010 Decadal Review were due on the weekend past. Some NRAO coauthored contributions, some involving ALMA, may be found here

Presentations at the UsRm National Radio Science meeting:


Events of Interest

(see also Al's ALMA Biweekly Calendar)

Day Date Time Event location details
Feb 18
Sci IPT telecon
Mar 11-13
ALMA Board meeting
Mar 18
Sci IPT telecon

Upcoming Meetings

ALMA and ELTs: A Deeper, Finer View of the Universe Mar 24-27, Garching, Germany.

20th International Symposium on Space Terahertz Technology, 20-22 April, Charlottesville, Virginia

Millimeter and Submillimeter Astronomy at High Angular Resolution June 8-12, Taipei, Taiwan.

Mass Assembly and Star Formation History of Galaxies Sep 21-24, Charlottesville, Virginia

-- AlWootten - 2009-02-17
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