ALMA North American Science Advisory Committee

Contact Information for those calling in.

  • Call date: 2013-1-17 02:00 pm EST or 18:00 UT (Thursday (Friday in Taipei))
  • Duration: 1 hr
    * USA Number: 1-866-600-8836
  • Outside USA Number: +1 203 480 8549
  • Passcode: 3283890#
  • Leaders: J. Carpenter (D. Scott), A. Wootten, C. Lonsdale

  • Attendees: John Carpenter Al Wootten Carol Lonsdale Dick Plambeck Alberto Bolatto James Di Francesco Rachel Osten Daniela Calzetti Shep Doeleman Karin Oberg Ciska Kemper Kesley Johnson


  1. Old Business The enhanced Agenda from last meeting is available. Minutes from that meeting are not available.
  2. New Business under Discussion.

Discussion Items

  1. Construction Status (Wootten)
    • See NRAO eNews
    • Operating on one turbine since 20 Dec; Turbine 2 ready to go, Turbine 3 also ready.
    • 51 antennas at the AOS with the delivery of DA55. DA56 scheduled to go up 16 Jan.
    • Last Optical Pointing Telescope tested in Tucson for delivery.
    • Nutator delivered, testing begins soon.
    • AOS Roads: All 67km completed.
    • Eu FEIC is finishing their final FE. NA and EA are finished.
    • Correlator Accepted 20 Dec!
    • Band10 observation was achieved (total power) on DA53.
    • Power. PPS to power the ACA and Central Cluster will follow, still under evaluation (one week delay will also include switch gear upgrade). There are still a few problems per week.
    • ALMA Residence. The full final design documentation has been submitted, the review plan was distributed and the review is ongoing. Final meeting scheduled for the second week of December. The location has been finally decided: the residence will be erected west of the current casino/reception area to be completed in 2014 if presented to the ESO FC in May.
    • CSV:
    • Science Workshops and Meetings
  2. Operations (Hibbard)
    • JAO Report November 2012: See Science and Operations sections.
    • Monthly Reports for previous months.
    • Cycle 1 Status:
      • See Science Portal news items about the Cycle1 proposal review results, plans for the early part of the cycle, and for cycle 0 news.
      • Cycle 0 Status: Data delivery by end of February (see portal)
      • ALMA Science data was made available the week of December 6 (expiration of proprietary period for first delivered ALMA data)
  3. ASAC Items
  4. NAASC during Early Science (Lonsdale)
    • People * ALMA postdoc applictions (at NAASC) received, interviews scheduled.
    • Meetings upcoming with ALMA or NAASC-related components (see above) * ALMA Data Reduction Workshop NAASC, 28 Feb-1 Mar
    • What is happening at the NAASC?
      • Long Beach AAS - very well attended special and splinter sessions
      • Contact Scientists for all C0 projects that are not fully delivered are contacting PIs with status update
        • All viable data will be delivered by Feb 28
        • If more than 50% observed, they will be reduced and delivered in the normal fashion; QA2 criteria relaxed
        • If less than 50% observed, will be script-reduced at JAO without imaging
      • For Cycle 1, Contact Scientists have been assigned for the first batch of 12 projects and the PIs have been contacted. We are in the process of reviewing the scheduling blocks with them. First opportunity for data is session beginning Jan 23.
      • Several staff are at the Phase2Generation bootcamp through tomorrow, learning Phase II for the new Cycle1 OT delivery.
        • On their return there will be training for the NAASC staff
      • Pipeline - expect new version that is being installed in Chile this week to be at NAASC around the end of the month
        • Main update: triggering of pipeline when ObsUnitSet complete
        • Next goals include heuristics for flagging bad spws/antennas
  5. ALMA Development (Wootten)
    • Studies proceeding.
  6. Astronomer Outreach (Lonsdale, Wootten)
  7. Date of next telecon
    • 21 Feb 2013
    • Proposed dates for 2013 telecons: 2/21. 3/21, 4/18. 5/16. 6/20, 7/18, 8/16, 9/19, 10/17, 11/21, 12/19
  8. Other Business

Science Corner

  1. New Papers

Events of Interest

17 Jan
ANASAC Telecon
14 Feb
Development Workshop
15-16 Feb
ASAC f2f Meeting, NAOJ

(see also google calendars)

Upcoming, very recent, or ongoing Meetings

  1. ALMA Science Meetings
  2. ALMA Training Events
  3. Upcoming NA Meetings
    • Joint workshop with ASIAA. Short Title: "2013 Rocks!" Long Title: "Transformational Science with ALMA: the Formation and Evolution of Planetary Systems" in Hawaii, April 2013; SOC formed.
    • Exploring the Formation and Evolution of Planetary Systems: Victoria, B. C., 2 June 2013 - Friday, 7 June 2013
    • Protostars and Planets VI: Heidelberg; 15 July 2013 - Saturday, 20 July 2013

-- AlWootten - 2013-01-14

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