Science IPT Telecon 16 Nov 2005 Mangum Wootten Holdaway Emerson difrancesco baltasar vila T. wilson C. debreuck angel Richer

Richer comment on 900 GHz: Beam deformities at the higher frequencies will of course dominate anything originating in feed leg rotation differences. AW: At 300 GHz, or workhorse frequencies, this may not be true.

JGM: Coherent structures on one antena or another complicates things. There were such structures seen. Ripple structure on Vx antennas. AEC did have such a set of panels built to the wrong focal point. These sorts of structures were not taken into account.

Conclusion: All agree, impact on science of different feedleg rotation position is probably minimal.

On the Hills memo on the scattering cone: Bacmann agrees.

-- AlWootten - 17 Nov 2005
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