ALMA North American Science Advisory Committee

  • HD163296: 122 pc Ae star, 4Myr old, ~0.08Msun disk Luminous: snowline distant from star. Massive: high column of gas
  • Qi et al (2011): Snowline at 155 AU; T~19K from 13CO SMA data
  • Mathews et al (2013): DCO+ with ALMA directly images snowline.:

Contact Information for those calling in.

  • Call date: 2013-5-16 02:00 pm EDT or 18:00 UT (Thursday (Friday in Taipei))
  • Duration: 1 hr
    * USA Number: 1-866-692-4538
  • Outside Tokyo in Japan Number: 0066-33-132434
  • Outside USA +1-517-466-2084
  • Passcode: 3668477#
  • Confirmation Number: 1883473
  • Leaders: J. Carpenter, P. Jewell, A. Wootten, C. Lonsdale

  • Attendees:


  1. Old Business The enhanced Agenda from last meeting is available. Minutes from that meeting are available.
  2. New Business under Discussion.

Discussion Items

  1. Construction Status (Wootten)
    • Antennas at the AOS: 56 (44x12m, 12x7m). Locations
    • Antennas at the OSF: 4
    • Dr. Philip J. (Phil) Puxley (MPS/AST) will receive the Arthur S. Flemming Award in recognition of the outstanding and meritorious achievement in his work for the federal government. The Flemming Awards, established in 1948, recognize outstanding public service employees. The Arthur S. Flemming Awards Commission and the George Washington University present these awards annually to people from all areas of the federal government. Prior recipients include Neil Armstrong, Robert Gates, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan. The Foundation nominated Phil in recognition of his leadership in the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) project. As many of you know, Phil has been the program officer for this project since the beginning of his tenure at NSF (2006).
  2. Operations (Hibbard)
    • See Cycle 0 summary attached below.
    • ALMA Monthly Reports for Feb-Mar attached.
  3. F2F Meeting
    • ASAC meets 9-10 Oct.
    • Problem days: Sept 21 – UVa home game, Sep 27-29 Family weekend at UVA, Oct 5 – UVa home game
  4. ASAC Items from 15 May telecon on
  5. ALMA Development (Wootten)
    • Callwas issued via eNews, direct email. Informational telecon held. NOI deadline tomorrow 17 May.
      • Please nominate reviewers for Studies and Projects!
    • Band 2 Workshop. Construction of agenda in progress.
    • Development-NA Workshop held Charlottesville 18 April 2013
    • Studies proceeding. Call for Studies ca 1 May. Call for Proposals 3 June. Object is to get all done within 2013 fiscal year.
  6. NAASC during Early Science (Lonsdale)
    • People
    • Meetings with ALMA or NAASC-related components (see above)
    • What is happening at the NAASC?
      • For Cycle 1, all Contact Scientist assignments have made.
        • Focusing on batch 4 SBs; PI approval by June 10. Batch 5 released by JAO June 1.
        • in total 48 from Batch 1,2,3 approved by PIs.
      • Pipeline:
        • More NA staff assigned temporarily, to assist with validating regression test datasets.
        • Some regression test SBs are now being used by CSV, during the C1 lull.
        • Weblog workshop last week: requirements for user interface and documents.
        • New heuristics release expected by May 24.
      • Cycle 2 preparation
        • Continuing on revised schedule, 3 month delay. Call now forseen 24 Oct 2013, due 5 December.
        • Evaluating technical issues that tripped up or confused Cycle 1 proposers and correcting, updating materials and planning new materials if warranted
  7. Astronomer Outreach (Lonsdale, Wootten)
    • How did the ANASAC canvas of the community go?
      • what factors might be limiting people from proposing, eg.:
      • Not aware how it could help their science
      • Not aware of the big leap afforded by its capabilities
      • Think it's too difficult to use for a non-expert
      • Waiting till it's fully built and/or there's much more time available on it
      • Lack of funding
    • Planning a series of short webinars focused on specific topics
    • Will do a series of Community Days this summer / fall
    • Cycle 2 preparation outreach
      • Splinter session at AAS.
      • OT-focused webinars (90 min)
      • New set of reference simulations
    • Special session at winter AAS.
    • Other Astronomer Outreach: JAO ALMA Webpages; ALMA Newsletters; ARC-maintained wiki of ALMA science meetings and training events; NRAO eNews; NAOJ News.
  8. Date of next telecon
    • 20 June 2013
    • Proposed dates for 2013 telecons: 6/20, 7/18, 8/16, 9/19, 10/17, 11/21, 12/19
  9. Other Business

Science Corner

  1. Science Workshops and Meetings
  2. ALMA Papers (choose ALMA) 42 and counting (more on arxiv not yet listed here)
  3. Some recent ALMA presentations:

Events of Interest

1-2 May
NRAO Users Committee
22-3 May
3 June
Call for ALMA Development Projects
20 June
ANASAC Telecon

(see also google calendars)

Upcoming, very recent, or ongoing Meetings

  1. ALMA Science Meetings
  2. ALMA Training Events

-- AlWootten - 2013-05-15

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