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ALMA; ALMA North American Science Advisory Committee Telecon meeting Mar 16, 2012

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The NAASC Workshop Outflows, Winds and Jets: from Young Stars to Supermassive Black Holes, the sixth in a series of workshops, was held 3-6 March in Charlottesville Virginia. 145 participants pondered presentations and engaged in discussion covering the wide range of astrophysical environments in which gas moves at high velocity. Both the origin of the moving gas and its impacts on nearby environments were covered. Presentations will be available online; presentations were broadcast in realtime on Twitter (#jets2012).

Poster PDFs are available here.

Contact Information for those calling in.

  • Call date: 2012-03-16 04:00 pm EDT or 20:00 UT (Friday)
  • Duration: 1 hr
    * USA Number: 1-888-989-3306
  • Outside USA Number: +1 517 968 4643
  • Passcode: 2935920#
  • Leaders: R. Osten, A. Wootten, C. Lonsdale

  • Attendees:


  1. Old Business The enhanced Agenda from last meeting is available. Minutes from that meeting are not available.
  2. New Business under Discussion.

Discussion Items

  1. Report on ALMA progress at Chile (Wootten)
    • Construction -
      • Science_-_February_2012.pdf: Science section of February Report, from R. Hills.
      • Current Status: 27 antennas at AOS; 55 antennas including kits on site, >38 Front Ends delivered.
      • Antenna moves scheduled (Watch them on the cam):
        • Mar. 16: CM07 OSF TF2 to AOS J507
        • Mar. 18: DV05 AOS A021 to A082
        • Mar. 19: DA47 OSF TF3 to AOS A026
    • Operations
      • Early Science Progress (Hibbard)
        • List of highest ranked projects
        • Knowledgebase article on data status
        • All PIs have been notified of the status of their proposals. For observations status, contact your PI through the helpdesk please.
        • What information on ALMA do you feel you are not getting? Please give us a top five and we'll fashion a FAQ. ( AI )
    • Current Status: Ops (Hibbard)
      • Cycle 1 Lookahead
        • Call, Deadline expected boreal spring 2012.
        • Observations expected after completion of Cycle 0 (Jan 2013)
  2. NAASC during Early Science
  3. NSF portfolio review. Thanks for the input to the NSF portfolio review!
  4. ASAC activities (ASAC members)
    • Recent Agenda, 14 March. I think JAO has blocked this to non-members again.
    • A response from the JAO to the ASAC recommendations is included at the ASAC agenda linked above.
    • The ASAC report will be distributed to ANASAC when it is reported to the ALMA Board
    • ASAC was asked to comment on the ANASAC Charge from last Fall: "The ANASAC is asked to comment on the scientific advantages of resiting ALMA Band 1 in frequency from 31.3-45 GHz to e.g. 34-53 GHz. Please note scientific advantages for the locations of the upper and lower edges of the band. Note that a paper on science goals of Band 1 is available in arXiv:0910.1609.' ( AI )
  5. Astronomer Outreach (Lonsdale, Wootten)
    • NAASC ALMA-related workshop(s) in 2012-3 (see below) ( AI )
  6. Date of next telecon
    • 20 Apr 2012
  7. Other Business
  8. Astronomer Outreach: JAO ALMA Webpages; ALMA Newsletters; ARC-maintained wiki of ALMA science meetings and training events; NRAO eNews; NAOJ News.

Science Corner

  1. A second ALMA SV data paper has appeared:
    • Evidence for Multiple Pathways to Deuterium Enhancements in Protoplanetary Disks. Karin I. Oberg, Chunhua Qi, David J. Wilner, Michiel R. Hogerheijde

Events of Interest

16 Mar
ANASAC Telecon
20 Apr
ANASAC Telecon

Upcoming, very recent, or ongoing Meetings

  1. 2012
  2. 2013
    • Taiwan would like to hold joint workshop with us in Hawaii, April 2013?
    • Exploring the Formation and Evolution of Planetary Systems: Victoria, B. C., 2 June 2013 - Friday, 7 June 2013
    • Protostars and Planets VI: Heidelberg; 15 July 2013 - Saturday, 20 July 2013

-- AlWootten - 2012-03-13

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