Contact Information Agenda/Minutes for meeting Tuesday, 13 February at 4:00 pm EST.

Date: 13 February 2007

Time: 4:00 pm EST (4:00 pm Santiago; 2:00 pm Socorro, 2:00 pm Tucson)

Phone: Phone: (434)296-7082 (CV SoundStation Premier Conference phone 3rd floor). No Video planned.

Past agendas, etc on MMA Imaging and Calibration Division Page. Discussion notes in Red font


Attendees at ALMA Transporter FDR The attendees at the ALMA Transporter FDR attempt to fill the space in the lift arm of the protovehicle.

  1. Ongoing Items


  • SidebandSeparation
  • PointingDescription
  • Front End Specs now gathering comment in the DAR.
  • Extended configuration (Mark Holdaway). Morita comments on interference of antennas TP3 and #77 in current configuration design. He calculates that observing time of #77 without shadowing by TP3 is about 3.8 hours for decl = 47.0 deg. If I move TP3 for (-3 m, +6 m), then the obs time is more than 4.4 hours. I want to know how many hours antenna at #77 should observe for decl = ~ 47 deg. In his fig. 28, the max observing time among 4 antennas (50, 48, 45, 40) for decl=47 deg is around 4 hours. So, it seems not so bad situation for #77 pad and current TP3 position. See Overview Drawing, ACA Closeup and Rob's Spreadsheet. Mark to comment. Comments??
  • News
    • Reviews: Nutator, Transporter, AEM antenna, ESO Ops, NSF Ops site visit, B9 CDR (Wootten, Carilli, anyone with news)
    • Unilateral Antenna Spec Changes: ACA 7m Comments?
    • Schedule. SCIE Early Science Key Triggers
      • CSV = 3 ant ready to be commissioned (29Mar2009 as of today's schedule)
      • ESDP = CSV + 12 = 29Jan2010 (at this date we would be ready to commission Ant#16 more or less)
      • ES = CSV + 20 = 29Sep2010 (at this date we would be ready to commission Ant#26 more or less, which should be fine in respect to the "minimum" requirement of 16 ant array)
    • ATF: As per discussions with Mangum the current schedule is below. Please let Al and Debra know if anyone has any issues with this.
Day Event
12 - 19 Feb
OPT validation on AEC antenna; Mangum
Final holography leading to acceptance; Emerson and others

  • During the ACA Correlator CDR the possibility of SIMULTANEOUS use of the eBLC and ACA Correlators was suggested. An AI for the Science IPT was set to study the scientific merit of such mode. It would be interesting to start a Discussion on this (BVV). Any ideas of science which could profitably use this mode? No ideas were presented, item closed.
  • AWGonSLF
  • DRSP
  • PSI Workshop Jan 2007 Presentations If you read only one, read Peter Napier's.

Science Corner:

Comet McNaught above the ALMA OSF C/2006 P1 McNaught above the ALMA OSF photo copyright by H. Heyer (ESO) 2007 Jan 23?.


Official JAO Calendar New!!

Events of Interest

(see also Al's ALMA Biweekly Calendar)

Day Date Time (EST) Event location details
Feb 15
ALMA Board Telecon
Feb 21
ALMA Sci IPT Telecon
Feb 27-8
all day
International Review of Ops Plan
Mar 1
all day
Review of NAASC Plan
Mar 9-12
all day
JAO/IPT Meeting

Upcoming Meetings

Asian Radio Astronomy Winter School January 22-26, 2007 National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ), Mitaka, Tokyo, Japan

ESO workshop "Observing planetary systems" 2007 March 5-8, Santiago

Astrophysical Masers and their Environments 2007 March 12-16, Alice Springs, Australia

Frontiers of Astrophysics, a Celebration of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory's 50th Anniversary", June 18-21, 2007, Charlottesville.

Transformational Science with ALMA: Through Disks to Stars and Planets June 22-24, 2007, Cville

North American URSI meeting July 22-26, Ottawa

EUROPEAN RADIO INTERFEROMETRY SCHOOL, 10 - 15 September, 2007 Bonn, Germany

Astrophysics in the Next Decade: JWST and Concurrent Facilities. September 24-27, 2007, Tucson Arizona

See also NAASC listing

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