ALMA North American Science Advisory Committee

Face-to-Face Meeting 2005-June-12

Contact Information

ANASAC Membership:

  • John Bally (U. Col.) (2008)
  • Andrew Baker (U. Md.) (2008)
  • Andrew Blain (Caltech) (2007)
  • Crystal Brogan (U. Hawaii) (2008)
  • Chris Carilli (NRAO) (2006)
  • Dick Crutcher (U. Ill.) (2006)
  • Xiaohui Fan (U. Az.) (2007)
  • Jason Glenn (U. Col.) (2006)
  • Mark Gurwell (CfA, Harvard) (2006)
  • Paul Ho (CfA, Harvard) (2008)
  • Doug Johnstone (HIA/DAO, Victoria) (2007)
  • Lee Mundy (U. Md) (2007)
  • Joan Najita (NOAO) (2006)
  • Jean Turner (UCLA) (2007)
  • Jonathan Williams (U. Hawaii) (2008)
  • Christine Wilson (McMaster U.) (2007)
  • Mel Wright (UC Berkeley) (2008)
  • Min Yun (U. Mass) (2006) - Chair

Bold = Member of ASAC
Red = expected to be present

NRAO Participants

  • Paul Vanden Bout
  • Al Wootten
  • John Hibbard
  • Jeff Mangum
  • Eduardo Hardy

Old Business --

Agenda of 29 April 2005 meeting. Minutes.

New Business -- Agenda

I. Selection of new ANASAC Chairperson

II. ALMA Project News (Wootten)

  1. Project Rebaselining and Antenna Contract (Vanden Bout)
  2. ALMA Operations Costs (Vanden Bout)
  3. ALMA Astro Politics (Vanden Bout)
  4. New Band 5 Receivers/OTF Interferometry (pdf) and the Board Meetings 21-22 June 2005 (Wootten)
  5. ALMA Chile: status of RFI & site protection (Hardy)
  6. Older News (review before meeting if interested; won't be presented)

III. Report and Comments on ASAC Reports (Wilson)


  1. NAASC Presentation: NAASCops08June2005.doc (Hibbard)
  2. NAASC Discussion: Which services/activities the community would like to see provided by/available at the NAASC over the next few years, before the first call for proposals (~Q3 2008). How many workshops? Summer schools? Simulators? Should we expect many visitors to NAASC for pre/post-observation data support? Would you prefer people from the NAASC to travel to your institute? Do you feel that you are getting the communication about the project that you want? If not, why not (are newsletters not getting to you)? Do you feel that you have a way to have your voice heard when project decisions are being made? How would you like to see early/demo science done? ALMA operations in general? (Hibbard)
  3. NAASC Web Page: Please review before meeting. Is there information you want which is not there, or hard to find?
  4. listserver for NA ALMA news (meetings, workshops, newsletter announcements, etc.). Outgoing announcements only. Initial distribution of 1600+: list from 2003 UMd ALMA Workshop + current SMA Workshop + ALMA committees (ASAC, ANASAC, etc) + ESO ALMA Newsletter list.
  5. ALMA Town Hall session proposal submitted for Jan 2006 AAS Meeting (Washington, D.C.). There will be more time for discussion at this meeting!
  6. Meeting on Z-Machines in Charlottesville. From 9May05 ALMA Biweekly Calendar: An ALMA-related workshop on the new suite of ultrawide-bandwidth (sub)millimeter spectrometers now under development for several telescopes. The main goals of such a workshop (tentatively titled: "From Z to A: Z-Machines to ALMA") would be to familiarize the community with these instruments' capabilities, highlight the most important scientific questions about dusty high-redshift galaxies that they will be able to address in the near term, and discuss how observing programs can be designed to optimize synergy with ALMA and the EVLA on longer timescales. This would be a small workshop (~60 participants) held in Charlottesville following the Washington DC meeting of the AAS. The ANASAC is spearheading this effort; volunteers for the Scientific Organizing Committee are being identified. -- Discussion (Baker)

V. Any Other Matters Arising

VI. Next Meeting

Date of next phone meeting According to our current schedule the next one should be on: 2005-6-24 18:00 UT (Friday)

-- AlWootten - 24 May 2005
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