ImCal 12 April 2005

Carilli, Shepherd, Glendenning, Myers, Hibbard, Mangum, Wootten

Al gives a summary of the Executive, AMAC and Board meetings.

Steve went to the ALMA/SZ meeting. Mostly simulators and observers talking about their work. SM made the pitch for B1 on ALMA. Some apologies from EU for B5, which could have completely funded B1.

Stumbled across this by chance! I wasn't at the meeting so can't say anything about whether there were any 'EU apologies'. However, can I just make the point that the idea that the EU funds for 8 B5 cartidges could fund 64 B1 systems really needs correcting, unless the author has an extremely cheap source of 30-45GHz systems. As has been discussed several times before, B1 is not completely trivial to implement on ALMA, and it is not expected to be low cost.

-- JohnRicher - 22 Apr 2005

Talk ppt to go in the agenda as a link. People had a large time figuring out what the ALMA sensitivity really would be for SZ topics, highly extended brightness distributions which are faint. Laing and Myers will try to understand how to present this, as the sensitivity calculator itself can be misleading. Straightforward with a compact object the size of the beam, but for real SZ science with many scales it is difficult. A simulator would be useful. SM will think a bit about how to do that for fiducial brightness distributions. BG: Will Joe's simulator be able to do this? SM: Probably not on the short term. Tradeoffs against antenna number for B1 science are on straight sensitivity. 40 antennas would be a problem. JGM: is sensitivity calculator usable for 37 GHz? SM: Shock and front features seen in Xray need to be imaged with ALMA. JP team did a good job showing what would be seen with ACA. Really do want to position B1 for funding. Carlstrom didn't show up (probably at CAA meeting). See Steve's talks at:

CAA: Interviewed Turner and van Dishoeck. They were very focussed on the top level science requirements. Apparently Holdaway has been commissioned to work on imaging protoplanetary disks for them.

ATF: Back to software commissioning, ACS software. Trying to make radiometry work under the new system. AEC encoder broken again. Radiometry can be done on Vertex. Holography on AEC.

Shepherd--third offline user test started Monday. SD plus interferometric data. BIMA dataset with 12CO plus 12m, VLA plus GBT 3.5cm. Feathering and brute force.

-- AlWootten - 12 Apr 2005
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