ANASAC Jan 11, 2017 telecon minutes

Present: Al Wootten, Phil Jewel, Karin Öberg, Christina Wilson, Stephen White, Rachel Friesen

1. Al reported on work on ALMA receiver bands that was carried out in the context of evaluating receiver upgrades. Most receiver temperatures show agreement between engineering and observational data, although Band 3 preforms better than indicated in the OT.

2. Karin brought up the ALMA roadmap plans to increase bandwidths, and the need to prioritize between different bands. ASAC has been asked for input and ANASAC members are encouraged to contribute proposed prioritization based on science cases as well as other considerations. Crystal noted that being able to observed 12CO and 13CO in band 3 and band 6 would be very beneficial, but important to study trade-offs in sensitivity. There are studies ongoing for band 6 and band 3. Al will circulate original science cases for different bands to aid in this discussion (see link in agenda).

3. The ASAC charges were presented, focusing on ad hoc charges. Karin will set up a google document to facilitate ANASAC input on the different charges. For ad hoc charge 1, Al explained that the proposed total power correlator will be used for all four telescopes. A similar one is already used at Korean telescopes. See document attached to agenda. For the 2nd ad hoc charge it was suggested that people with VLA joint proposal process experience share their experience and recommend whether a similar scheme could work for ALMA. Al noted that a joint proposal scheme already exists for VLBI, but this process is unlikely to work for e.g. ALMA-JWST proposals. For the 5th ad hoc charge, ASAC is asked for more specific prioritization than in ALMA 2030, to include outcomes of new studies in their recommendations, and to provide updated science cases. Chris noted that the Archive development does not appear to be prioritized in the Board’s response despite its very high priority for ASAC. Karin agreed that we can not lose sight of this and need to include it in ANASAC view of ASAC Charges. The participant feedback poll is attached to the agenda for the meeting.

4. Al and Phil provided an update on Cycle 4, and Cycle 3 data delivery. There is still a C3 backlog, but all A and B projects have been reduced and sent to PIs. In C4, there is ~1 month delivery time, and completely caught up with A proposals. There are new data analysts at NAASC to aid in data reduction. Currently both calibration and imaging are done at NAASC. Unclear when calibration will return to JAO.

5. Al summarized upcoming ALMA related meetings, including the forthcoming Long baseline workshop, ESO Band 5 workshop, ESO Star formation meeting in Chile, and IAU astrochemistry meeting in Chile.

6. Al reported on the wrap-up of Cycles 1 and 2. The report is on the ALMA portal including observing details, completion statistics, and data on delivery times and publication rates and distributions.

7. A configuration plan for Cycle 5 is forthcoming.

8. ANASAC members are requested to ad ~10 potential ALMA development reviewer names to the spreadsheet Al will circulate shortly.

9. Al noted that the Japanese virtual observatory is very useful to look at Archive data.

10. Stephen announced that the ALMA Solar campaign papers are forthcoming.

Karin I. Öberg -- AlWootten - 2017-01-16
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