notes from ANASAC telecon August 16


Rachel Osten, Debbie Padgett, Al Wootten, Mike Mumma, Dick Plambeck, Jonathan Williams, Douglas Scott, Daniela Calzetti, Carol Lonsdale, John Hibbard, Dave Wilner, John Carpenter

1. welcome to (old and) new ANASAC new member Dick Plambeck!

2. f2f meeting logistics -- the f2f meeting is set for Sept. 20-21, and will have webcasting/video callin.

3. new organization at NAASC, designed to decrease management & improve efficiency. Should be transparent to ALMA users. The new director may implement a reorganization of the observatory, so this is still in flux.

4. reports

  1. construction NA part finished in September. All antennas delivered. Europe has delivered more than half their antennas (39), 9 in ACA
    1. antennas being used in early science. band 6 almost finished

ii. operations need to do calibrators

polarization campaign underway (4th one).

    1. % of 400 scheduling blocks nominally completed, still a challenge to finish Cycle 0, esp. band 9
    2. more sessions left

iii. NAASC during early science Stuart Corder to become CSV project scientist

ARC-based data reduction as of early April

Project Tracker deployed at end of June; concerns about integrity of info from PI show this at f2f PI info more limited than previously thought

Cycle 1-- 340 NA proposals, roughly 33% of all proposals.

iv. ALMA development studies proceeding

next call for studies 2013 ASAC, ANASAC in 2010 prioritized development; need to update

5. ASAC activities telecon on 7 Aug. two topics discussed in that meeting: terms of reference for ASAC, science verification datasets Alberto sent around the letter that the ASAC sent to the JAO Board; they're still waiting for a response.
some projects added in without community discussion, clashed with cycle 0 program seen as an unfair advantage to those in the project what is the nature of science verification?

6. astronomer outreach ALMA early science @ AAS in Long Beach

7. next telecon is Oct. 12 after f2f. Telecon time will be renegotiated after f2f

8. Other business -- NSF portfolio review is out today.

-- AlWootten - 2012-09-04
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